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Happy birthday @MaxineWaters! Thank you for representing our community so well and for fighting against the craziness we find our country in right now. Much love!!❤️
We love you @MaxineWaters, ! Thanks to you, we are all Reclaiming Our Time!

Happy Birthday!!!🙌🏾❤️🙏🏾

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.@JKCorden on Omarosa’s newly released book ‘Unhinged’: 'People are saying it's petty, full of outright fabrications. So if you love reading Trump's tweets, you're gonna love this book" https://t.co/qZ4WpYa9Y6
Internet is spotty so I am returning to my reading, but I enjoyed the chat and thanks for all the cutie pie questions. I do love you, and I am grateful for the check in. xo
You’re gonna love this new clothing line. EV1 is coming soon! https://t.co/RxrHZGcOUa
Three years of QUEEN SUGAR. This is hands down the article I’m most proud of. Filled with gratitude to work with these women. Feel so lucky. Thank you to Macy, Ashley + Oriana of The Lily for this gem. And love to you, ⁦@ChelseaHettrick⁩. #GimmeSugar https://t.co/yRPCpDz6oz
The happiest of birthdays to my best friend/brother @joejonas love you and am so grateful for you Joe.
"Every man lives. Not every man truly dies."
"For I love the dead"
"I see undead people."
"My reborn purpose to ferry them"
"Do you smell something? I ask each one...."
"Yes! they reply but what could it be?"
"You'll find out I say.... as your soul burns"
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