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@cvpayne  Problem is: Senate committee cannot do much of anything except make criminal referrals as it deems necessary which, so far, DOJ has ignored. And I guess DOJ hasn't asked for the same info from this man. So that would imply they aren't interested or investigating.

What if you went to grocery store and picked up a National Enquirer. Or People magazine. Or Washington Post. And the grocery store manager blocked your entrance to the checkout line and said you couldn't buy it because he's fact checked the material and it isn't true?

There is no formula nor precedent pollsters can use to figure out how to measure where the vote stands when so many are voting early and by mail.

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There are numerous agents and people associated with the FBI whom I trust. But I have learned from personal experience that if something bad happens to me, or if I have info about a possible serious crime, the FBI organization will not do its job.

My take for what little it's worth: The main story isn't about what they allegedly did to try to stop Trump. It's *why.* It's about what they feared Trump & Co. would expose. I think that will turn out to be the bigger can of worms.

First, intel agencies werent supposed to surveil US citizens. But they did. Then they werent supposed to "store" it. But they did. Then they werent supposed to search it. But they did. Then they werent supposed to "unmask" it. But they did. Then they werent supposed to leak it...

I personally know of several stories of people trying to give info to FBI/authorities in the last couple of years -- only to learn the FBI/authorities didn't want it and/or even treated the person bringing the info as if he/she were the criminal suspect.

Turn off computer, news, social media. Get outside the biggest cities. Most ppl r actually just fine. All races, types living/working together with surprisingly little strife. There are people who want us to live in the artificial reality they create/control. Don't fall for it.

Poor FBI -- agents who had nothing to do with the improper behavior will have to take a "full day of training" to learn things like: Don't use work texts with your mistress to conspire to use your official position to impact a presidential election.

Why is (almost) nobody talking about Trump-Russia collusion? I'm ok either way, I just would like to know why it was the #1  most important story in the world for so long and now it's not.

We know what happens when someone lies to the FBI. My question is: what happens to the FBI when *they* lie? (Asking for a friend.)