Sharyl Attkisson?️‍♂

Sharyl Attkisson?️‍♂

Nonpartisan Investigative Journalist @FullMeasureNews RTs not endorsement; may be interesting/silly/wrong/outrageous. Think for yourself. I've seen some things.

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(What I hear) Janet Yellen: I was wrong about everything, you were right... but I'm still in charge of it all. So here are my new assessments...

What would be so difficult about news organizations stepping back from advocacy and covering all sides fairly in the abortion debate?

The story about the illegal immigrant tragedy was predictable and predicted. In smaller numbers, it happens all the time now, and -- at this rate, sadly -- will continue.

My observation is entirely different, I'm pretty sure "most do" is incorrect. But I could be wrong.

Gallup: 11 yr. high for Americans 'feeling hardship' over sky high gas prices

(POLL) Most Americans view Covid-19 danger as 'mostly over'; vaccination of kids 'unnecessary'


Does anybody else think it's illogical that FDA okayed Covid vaccines in babies "for the prevention of COVID-19" when they also admit the vaccines don't prevent Covid? And they say children stand a statistical zero change of serious illness from Covid?

Breaking: FBI notifies Congress that certain FBI text message evidence Is missing in the Congressional oversight probe into FBI handling of Hillary Clinton email investigation.

If the scientists who promoted lockdowns were so wrong, and the scientists who knew it from the start were so right, why are the scientists who were right called "fringe," and the scientists who were wrong still in charge?

If current Twitter mgmt/ownership view Elon Musk opening Twitter back up to free speech as a threat — doesn’t that prove the very point they’ve been denying about their bias since 2016?

My take for what little it's worth: The main story isn't about what they allegedly did to try to stop Trump. It's *why.* It's about what they feared Trump & Co. would expose. I think that will turn out to be the bigger can of worms.

If you think President Trump should reveal what our intel agencies have learned about the origin of COVID-19 before he leaves office, RT. I think most would agree Americans deserve to have the info that public officials who work for them have gathered on this pandemic.

Prior to any FBI interview w/, has FBI authored an exoneration memo, promised immunity to his top associates & agreed not to record the interview? If not, it implies: 1. Hillary probe wasn't done according to norm or 2. Trump is being treated differently.Thoughts?