Sharyl Attkisson?️‍♂

Sharyl Attkisson?️‍♂

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I linked to the documents on my website so we can all check ourselves...

@GlenWoodfin  All of the above and more. We should not be automatically picking up terms and language, without attribution, pushed by operatives and smear artists but we do it all the time. Lots of groupthink too.

@BeauJaxe  So tens of thousands follow my pro Facebook page because they want to see posts. But an average post gets seen by a few people. What is the point of offering a “follow” function? Probably because it tells FB your interests so they can better sell your data?

@lsanger  Of course this is correct in terms of many if not most crimes are technically “conspiracies.” In my book The Smear I write about the origins of the attempt to use the phrase “conspiracy theory” to controversialize people and ideas.

Good journalism is a process. Always strive to become better!

Has anyone else heard the term "turning the throttle down" on someone's social media account to limit its visibility?

@brithume  @TheJuanWilliamsI 'll weigh in on @TheJuanWilliamsWhat  a genuinely nice guy. Super nice to my daughter as well and send her some books when she was interested in his writing.

Is calling Epstein a "financier" similar to calling Hitler a "politician"? Thoughts?


I read that Trump rally was rambling/half-empty. I also read the opposite. I like to watch candidates' rallies myself so I can see... without the spin. I did so in 2016-16. It's not entirely why I predicted (starting in 15) Trump would win, but it was part of the picture.

The takeaway? The NYT says it is mapping out a narrative in advance of any naturally-occurring, true news events, and plans to shape all natural-occurring, true news events so that they are reported in the context of racism. This is what they believe their readers want.

When did we decide, as Americans, that it's ok fo govt & 3d parties to censor/ curate our info? That we cannot be trusted with unfiltered info? That we shd only be able to find info that *they* tell us is true on matters that are opinion or in legitimate dispute? #SlipperySlope 

Who thinks the debates just won't be the same without Donna Brazile working on them behind the scenes?

When did we quit teaching/understanding that free speech means protecting the distasteful, lest we open the door for govt/3d parties to decide that whatever they oppose is "distasteful" and therefore to be banned? #SlipperySlope 

First, intel agencies werent supposed to surveil US citizens. But they did. Then they werent supposed to "store" it. But they did. Then they werent supposed to search it. But they did. Then they werent supposed to "unmask" it. But they did. Then they werent supposed to leak it...

I'll tell you who is *really* unhappy at the thought of pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan. The contractors and the generals connected to the contractors. $$BILLIONS$$

REPORT: 5,500 illegal immigrants faked relationships to children in 8 weeks.