Tim Scott

Tim Scott

United States Senator from South Carolina

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South Carolina is made better by our 8 HBCUs that produce graduates who contribute so much to our society. I joined @Bloomberg  & @UNCF  to discuss how we can protect & expand the transformational work of those institutions & all of our nation's HBCUs.

Within a matter of days, a migrant camp in Del Rio grew from a few hundred people to 10,000+.   President Biden’s open borders policy has created a crisis of epic proportions at our border.

Today is #ConstitutionDay . Established to form a more perfect union, the U.S. Constitution has been the greatest single governing document in the history of mankind.

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The communities the Democrats claim to be helping in their defund efforts are the very folks most harmed by under-resourced police departments. If we let another year go by without action, I fear the preventable tragedies we’ll have to endure as a nation.

Thank you everyone for all of the kind birthday wishes! As for my staff who forgot my birthday this year…we have a lot to discuss.

The crisis at our southern border gets worse every day. President Biden and Vice President Harris are responsible for this humanitarian and national security disaster.

This also means the administration still has not held anyone accountable for the terrorist attack that killed 13 American servicemembers and dozens of innocent Afghans.

Mortgaging our country’s future to pay for the Democrats’ reckless wish list is bound to leave the U.S. deeper in debt, less free, and more divided.  #Demspending 

As Ranking Member of @SenateAging , I’m committed to equipping our seniors with the tools they need to protect themselves and their finances against fraud. Join me at this Thursday, 9:30 am ET for a hearing on this important issue!

A few devoted teachers can change the trajectory of a kid’s life. The Teachers and School LEADERS Act will ensure more educators have the tools they need to lead the next generation with excellence.


I offered Democrats the chance to offer AT LEAST 20 amendments. They walked out. #JUSTICEAct 

One month ago, George Floyd was murdered. One day ago, @SenateDems  walked away from police reform. #JUSTICEAct 

Joe Biden’s comments are the most arrogant and condescending thing I’ve heard in a very long time. I am offended, but not surprised.

Y’all still wearing those kente cloths over there @SenatorDurbin ?

Just so everyone knows, Senate Democrats just objected to extending funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. More games keeping more workers from getting paychecks. #coronavirus  #covid19 

Despite the challenges ahead of us, we are still the greatest. I'm very optimistic we will find a path forward. #JUSTICEAct 

Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country.