Senator Mike Rounds

Senator Mike Rounds

U.S. Senator for South Dakota

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No piece of legislation has a greater impact on our men and women in uniform than the #NDAA . As a member of @SASCMajority , we’ve worked hard to produce a strong, bipartisan bill that includes many wins for our troops, Ellsworth Air Force Base and our nation.

While I agree that Section 230 needs to be reformed, Section 230 has nothing to do with our military. There are better ways to address this issue than opposing legislation that’s so essential to our national defense.

#NDAA  is one of the few things in Washington that passes every year with broad bipartisan support, and I anticipate a veto override vote will follow suit. We owe this to the men and women who defend the United States of America.

Today, I was sworn into my second term serving South Dakota in the United States Senate. Continuing to work on behalf of South Dakotans in the Senate is a tremendous privilege and honor. I’m also incredibly thankful Jean was able to join me for the ceremony.

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I look forward to getting to work on the important issues that will define our future. The reenactment photo was taken in the Old Senate Chamber following the official swearing in ceremony. This is Jean’s first trip to D.C. since she first started cancer treatment in June 2019

As a nation, we should stand together in opposition to the violent acts & lawlessness that occurred at the US Capitol today. Violence & destruction are never the answer-we are better than this. It’s past time for cooler heads to prevail. I continue to pray for our great country.

Big Tech companies have become too powerful. It’s time to discuss using antitrust laws to break up these oligopolies.


The Chinese Communist Party isn’t just attempting to gain total control over its own people, it is also seeking to control other countries around the world.

China's cover-up of the COVID-19 crisis isn't just negligence, it's criminal in nature. We must hold China accountable.

Senate Dems just blocked: ❌Enhanced unemployment benefits ❌$100B+ to gets kids back in school safely ❌PPP funding to save jobs & small biz ❌More testing ❌More contact tracing ❌More funding for vaccine development ❌Funding to make sure everyone can get a vaccine

Proud to stand up for South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers. Thanks @realDonaldTrump  for the work you’ve done to get them better, fairer trade deals.

While Democrats continue to focus on impeachment, important work isn’t getting done: ❌ USMCA Trade DealAppropriations bills to fund the government ❌ National Defense Authorization Act ❌ Legislation to lower health care & prescription drug costs