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Jim Risch

U.S. Senator for Idaho

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An individual’s decision not to hold a traditional address should not preclude them from exercising the rights afforded to them in the U.S. Constitution. The Traveler’s Gun Rights Act protects law-abiding gun owners’ Second Amendment rights regardless of their living situation.

Thankfully, Congress can correct the president's error with a budget that reins in spending & targets solutions that provide relief to Idaho families.

The @usedgov  has failed to address the widespread antisemitism taking place on college campuses & is even allowing taxpayer dollars to fund anti-Semitic events. We must hold the Dept. accountable for making Jewish & pro-Israel students feel less safe.

It's pretty clear to everyone that the president's budget is a mess... “The U.S. has a debt problem. Biden’s budget won’t solve it.” - @PostOpinions  Editorial Board “Biden’s budget wants $4.7T more of your money and still grows federal debt by $17T.”- @WSJopinion  Editorial Board.

The Biden admin’s egregious WOTUS definition – comparing ditches to rivers & puddles to lakes – will greatly impede on Idaho’s land & waters. The Senate must reverse this dangerous definition that will harm Idaho’s farmers, ranchers, & landowners.

China should not be America's role model. It's astounding a cabinet member would tout China's environmental policies when it pollutes more than all other developed nations combined.   The US can achieve energy independence without communist policies.

Inflation has risen 15% since President Biden took office. ⛽️ Gas prices are up 45.2% 💡Electricity prices are up 23.5% 🛒 Grocery prices are up 19.9% 🏠Rent prices are up 13.4% The President's reckless budget proposal will only make living less affordable for Idahoans.


If President Biden was serious about lowering energy and fuel costs for families he would empower domestic oil, gas, and mineral production today.

#Iran & #Russia  are negotiating the #IranDealDeal  & they won’t even let the Americans in the room. Our people are out in the hall looking through a keyhole. This is insane. We should walk.

Enjoyed talking to @ChrisEvans  about NATO & why it is so important. The news of this political-military alliance shocked him since he missed the 70 years after WWII. #CaptainAmerica 

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The Biden admin allowed a Chinese spy balloon to cross from the Aleutian Islands to Montana—apparently crossing N. Idaho. They knew & let it happen. This is a gross violation of our national security. Why did the admin fail to stop this espionage before it entered into the US?

I’m concerned the @usedgov , over the course of decades, has allowed taxpayer-funded antisemitism on college campuses. This has no place in the U.S. @SecCardona  must answer for the taxpayer dollars funding anti-Semitic events & activities.

Since day one, Biden's economic policies have made life more and more unaffordable for Idahoans: 🛒Grocery prices are up 18.6% 🏠 Rent is up 11.8% 🚗 Gas prices are up 37.5% Now's the time to reverse course before inflation gets any worse.

Increasing domestic energy production will only strengthen our national security.