Senator Bob Menendez

Senator Bob Menendez

U.S. Senator from New Jersey. ?? Proud father of Alicia & Rob. Proud grandfather of Evangelina.

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Our state and local governments have gone to extraordinary lengths to respond to the #COVID19  emergency. It’s our duty to help them. Read my op-ed with @RepSherrill :

As we prepare to consider the next relief bill, we should focus on supporting our states & local governments, funding our hospitals, rebuilding a strong public health infrastructure, enhancing health access for minorities and address #COVID19  disparities.

Last Sunday on @ABC7NY , I talked with @billritter7  about why the bipartisan #SMARTFund  is right for our state, cities, and towns. See what I had to say 👇

NEW: The Trump Admin is currently trying to sell thousands more bombs to the President’s “friend,” Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman. This comes on the heels of the firing of IG Linick, who was reportedly investigating their last arms sale to the Saudis.

IMPORTANT: If you are still waiting on your #COVID19  stimulus payment, it might come in the form of a prepaid debit card in an envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services.” Learn more:

The death of George Floyd is a tragedy and my heart is heavy as we are forced to recognize our yet-unfulfilled dreams of equality and justice everywhere. Hopefully, the latest charges will bring justice to Floyd’s loved ones and the Minneapolis community.

It is uncomfortable to talk about race and racism, but we skirt around the issue at our own peril. That is the work we are called to do right now, in yet another moment of reckoning in our nation’s long and tragic path for the cause of justice, freedom, and equal rights.


Just read the FBI report on Kavanaugh - if that’s an investigation, it’s a bullshit investigation.

Okay this is absurd. One page of the new #GOPTaxPlan  is crossed out with an ex. Another page is just a line. Is that a crossout? Is this page part of the bill? WHY AM I ASKING THESE QUESTIONS HOURS BEFORE WE VOTE ON IT?? #GOPTaxScam 

It's been half a year since #HongKong  citizens took to the streets in the millions to protest the erosion of democracy and their rights. Violence against students and protestors is rising—some of the worst seen in the city in decades.

That feeling when you own the President of the United States and can do whatever you want.

“You’ll have to ask Russia,” is a pretty incredible response from a Senior@StateDept  official about the Trump Administration’s views on #Russia ’s nuclear capabilities. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee needs answers so we can make informed policy decisions.

Congress did its job, Mr. President. We are proudly standing with the people of #HongKong , freedom and democracy. The question is: Will you?