Sen. James Lankford

Sen. James Lankford

Serving the State of Oklahoma in the United States Senate

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The Senate should have all 12 appropriations bills passed by September 30, but we can’t take up a single one because Democrats are so focused on their partisan $3.5 trillion reckless tax and spending spree—creating a whirlwind of new entitlements.

I can give you $3.5T reasons why the Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree is bad for America. It’s the wrong policy. It is the wrong direction to move in.

PROGRAMMING ALERT: I’m joining Sean on @K101online  and Dan on @KRMGtulsa  102.3 this morning to give an update on what’s happening in DC this week. Tune in—

I am demanding answers from the White House on their “miscommunication” with DHS on vetting Afghan refugees.

Every life—born or unborn—is valuable. States have the right and responsibility to defend the sanctity of life and protect the unborn. The abortion on demand act would force every state – including Oklahoma – to allow late-term abortion for any reason.

Healthcare should be about protecting life, not taking it away. #WHPAfacts 

Biden is not the nation’s dad. We can make our own decisions about whether the COVID vaccine is right for us.

There are 5 days left until government funding expires. Congress has to do its job. My Prevent Government Shutdowns Act forces Congress to do the hard work instead of kicking the can down the road & facing a government shutdown.

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Day two from the border—this is a pod that’s designed to hold 80 people that’s currently holding 709.

For 3 days House Managers have cherry picked bits & pieces of information to make their case. Today, we got to hear the full story based on full facts instead of presumptions & half-truths.

Today, I am joining a group of Senators to propose an election commission to resolve the electoral issues. You can view my full statement here:

You cannot vote to remove someone from office who is not even in office. This is nonsense and sets a terrible precedent for the future. Today we had no Chief Justice presiding because the Constitution does not speak to trying a former President.

For a side-by-side comparison, the first photo is from my trip to the border in 2019--the second is from today. Plenty of space to walk around and safely spread out. Tell me this isn’t a crisis.

I supported her nomination in 2017 for the Court of Appeals, and I look forward to working through the process of advice and consent for the highest court in the land.

#HongKong has its own laws, courts & economy. The Chinese gov't is working to silence the people of Hong Kong because they demand who have sought to preserve freedom, and democracy & autonomy from China’s communist govt.