Sen. James Lankford

Sen. James Lankford

Follower of Christ, husband to Cindy, father of two daughters. Serving the state of Oklahoma in the United States Senate.

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The Biden Admin wanted to take away your gas stove. Now, they want to control the cycle on your washing machine. What will they go after next?

Americans have a right to live their faith.

When America’s border security is weak, the cartels are strong.

Congratulations, Coach Kennedy! You fought the right way to be able to live your faith every day—your example has been powerful to many people of faith around the country.

The rush of +1,000 migrants in El Paso Sunday stressed just how vulnerable our border is. We need to secure our border—we can start by making it easier for military servicemembers to get a job once they retire from active-duty & filling open border law enforcement job openings

New inflation data released today tells Americans what we already know—our hard-earned money won’t stretch as far as it did last year.

Biden’s big government needs to stop worrying about gas stoves or washing machines and start getting our nation’s economy back on track.


Day two from the border—this is a pod that’s designed to hold 80 people that’s currently holding 709.

For 3 days House Managers have cherry picked bits & pieces of information to make their case. Today, we got to hear the full story based on full facts instead of presumptions & half-truths.

(1/2) I look forward to considering and voting on @realDonaldTrump  nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy before the end of the year. If the President puts forward a nomination, the Senate has the authority to provide advice and consent and I take this role very seriously.

Today’s unanimous vote affirms to the people of #HongKong  who have been fighting for months—that we stand with them in their pursuit of basic freedoms, like the right to due process, peaceful protest, free elections, and the right to live freely.

From today’s Intel hearing on Russian interference: • Russia will probably try again • Other nations learned from their success • Fake trolls & bots are still active • Fed gov’t, states & industry must better work together • Election security legislation still needed

Trolls and bots are still active on Twitter trying to deceive us. They’re even using the current family separation & immigration debate to sow discord among Americans. It is important for social media companies to expose it so everyone knows what is fake.

I trust the assessments of Dan Coats, Gina Haspel & their teams more than I trust a former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin. U.S. Presidents should meet w/ foreign leaders. But we must unequivocally denounce Russia’s election interference attempts & human rights abuses around the world.

Congratulations to @realDonaldTrump  on getting the Phase-One Trade Agreement w/ China done. Every president has tried to get China to be more fair in their trade--more ag sales, greater intellectual property protections & first step toward a more open market.

I asked every Senator today--when is a child a child? When does life begin?

China is not an ally of freedom for the world. If we take our eyes off of Hong Kong and freedom, the world will lose freedom. We can't afford to do that. I'm proud to stand with the people of #HongKong .