Sen. Maria Cantwell

Sen. Maria Cantwell

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As we move forward as a country, it is more important than ever to have justices that respect and uphold our Constitution. Our Supreme Court is strengthened when it reflects and represents all Americans. (3/3)

…and closing the boyfriend loophole so any domestic violence abuser cannot possess or purchase a firearm. These are important steps, but it is just a start. We have more work to do to keep our kids and our citizens safe from gun violence. (2/2)

The government should stay out of your bedroom. The government should stay out of the health care decisions you make with your doctor and your family. This is an intrusion on your privacy -- and no place for the government.

The court’s use of the flawed ‘major questions’ doctrine to handcuff EPA also opens the door to overturning a wide range of worker protections, consumer rights, and environmental safeguards. (2/4)

Congress needs to look for every tool possible to correct this situation before its used to dismantle other long-standing rights and protections. (3/4)

And with the impacts of climate change coming faster and harsher than ever, Congress must double down on investing in clean energy solutions that will overwhelm the special interests keeping hazardous and uneconomical polluting facilities online. (4/4)

I want to thank Amtrak for working with the state and local partners to restore service to Vancouver, BC. (1/2)

The Cascades service is a critical connector along the I-5 corridor, providing a convenient transportation option for a region that is home nearly 10 million people and generates $600 billion in economic output. (2/2)


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The Trump Administration is sabotaging our chances of becoming the world’s #cleanenergy  superpower in order to line the pockets of polluters

Trump allowing funding to be stripped from #TitleX  providers is cruel & will greatly impact the women & families who are most in need

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I support any process the House deems necessary to get the information the public needs about obstruction of justice and Russian interference. No one is above the law and no country should be allowed to interfere in our democracy.

Retweet to say “no” to offshore drilling along Washington’s coastline.

We need to be investing in the middle class, not giving more handouts to corporations #TaxDebate 

I have previously announced that I do not support Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, but we're now discussing a larger issue. We need a nonpartisan investigation into the facts and information of Dr. Ford's allegation.