Sheldon Whitehouse

Sheldon Whitehouse

U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

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I’m confident Kavanaugh lied. He was under oath. His intent was to deceive. The lies were material. That’s perjury. #KavanaughLied 

@realDonald Trump Hmmm. Companies planning together & working through government to defeat competition — how is this different than what the @realDonaldTrump  DOJ is alleging against the auto companies? Other than that law doesn’t apply equally to fossil fuel under Trump.

Humbled to present Mr. Ronald Petrocchi of Johnston with the U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal for his honorable service in South Korea and at home in the 1960s. Mr. Petrocchi went on to dedicate 34 years to the Johnston Police Department. Thank you for answering the call to serve.

This is the fossil fuel industry’s newest deception: convince us they’re already fixing the problem they created. It’s shameless.

@ASAMorg  You're doing really important work. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and for being such a strong partner in this fight. #treataddictionsavelives 

Do the math. Let’s solve that problem, not do this navel-gazing.


MUST WATCH: Republican asks one of ’s US District Judge nominees basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one. Hoo-boy.

A Republican operative under multiple Presidents says: @realDonaldTrump  is profoundly compromised, acting just as you would imagine a person with a disordered personality would .... a man who is deeply damaged, an emotional misfit.”

I don’t even know where to begin with ’s CEQ nominee Kathleen Hartnett White—she outright rejects basic science.

One donor paid $17,000,000 to help Kavanaugh lie his way onto the Court. Shouldn’t we know who that was? . . . and what business he or she has before the Court?

They poisoned our politics to pollute our planet. The Koch name should be infamous.

. rejects 100-0 Senate compromise he said he’d accept, manages only 47 Senate votes for Big Dumb Wall bill (48 w/ Pence), shuts down government. Chaos and incompetence reign.

This from the party that blew $2 trillion on tax cuts for the rich. Now make it up with Social Security cuts? Behind closed doors? I don’t think so.

This is Steven Menashi, an extreme, partisan judicial nominee. Here he is defending an op-ed he helped write praising students for convincing their university to let a campus group ban gay people from being officers. Imagine being an LGBTQ litigant & having him as your judge.

A federal judge in Rhode Island just wrote a really interesting decision about climate change. Pretty strong stuff from a Republican-appointed, fact-based federal judge.