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Sheldon Whitehouse

U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

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1. The Marshal office of the Court has limited investigative experience and the Court failed to bring in law enforcement agencies despite suggesting laws were broken.

Let’s be clear here: long-forecast dangers of climate change are now so real as to enter the “due diligence” horizon, so fossil fuel stooges are trying to bend and break due diligence.

All the complainers are funded by fossil fuel; all the complaints about “wokeness” and “ESG” boil down to fossil fuel emissions risk reporting. It’s a political maneuver, a performance, just as fake as the climate denial it serves.

Red flags are flying about the SCOTUS “investigation” into the Alito draft opinion leak. Lots of things differentiate this from a real investigation. Here are some:

2. I’ve never seen an investigation that had a third party riding along in a sidecar (Chertoff) to say it was a good investigation. Weird.

4. It is not clear that all suspects were interviewed. What was the undisclosed “iterative” process with the justices? It does not sound like an investigative interview when the subject is asking questions.

5. It is not clear that records were kept of statements of the justices. Investigation 101 is to take down witness statements (a) so there is no question later about what was said and (b) so any wrongfully false statements can be prosecuted. That’s SOP.

7. Leaving out how or whether justices were interviewed was a stunning gap. They ultimately had to backfill, which they did very vaguely, but why the flinch in the first place? Are the justices made of spun sugar and vulnerable to breakage?


MUST WATCH: Republican asks one of ’s US District Judge nominees basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one. Hoo-boy.

SCOTUS gun decision is out and gave the gun lobby just what it paid for when its dark money stacked the Court.

Wray confirms: Kavanaugh tips from tip line were sent to Trump White House without investigation; and Trump White House directed what witnesses FBI would interview.

Americans are tired of changing their clocks twice a year. When winter comes, nobody wants to be sitting in the dark. Let’s make Daylight Savings Time permanent and free ourselves from this outdated ritual.

This is the pile of House-passed bills, 90% bipartisan, dead on Mitch McConnell’s desk in the Senate#LegislativeGraveyard 

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Donald Trump sued CNN for causing him “embarrassment, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.” Which is funny, because that’s exactly what he caused America.

Two more minors have been denied abortions in Ohio. These are children – victims of sexual assault – who would have gotten the care they needed under Roe.

This week, we learned that a single donor transferred $1.6 billion to a dark money political organization without paying a PENNY in taxes. Our system is badly broken, and Americans know it.