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@realDonaldTrump 's latest attack on immigrant families is to keep kids and their parents in cages indefinitely. Families fleeing violence and persecution don't belong in filthy prisons. I'll fight this policy and all attacks on immigrant communities.

We urge keeping provisions that: ☢️Ban the deployment of dangerous, costly & unnecessary W76-2 low-yield nuclear warheads ☢️Call on the Trump admin to extend the New START treaty ☢️Deny funding for certain nuclear missiles to prevent an arms race following the INF Treaty collapse

The United States already has nearly 4,000 nuclear weapons in our active arsenal, & our conventional military might is overwhelming. Doubling down on more nuclear weapons while scrapping nuclear treaties undercuts our nonproliferation efforts around the world.

I’m done hearing about all the new ways @Wells Fargo is cheating its customers. And I’m done with President Trump’s appointed regulators who look the other way. Wells Fargo is fundamentally broken. I’m going to keep fighting with everything I’ve got to hold them accountable.

A nuclear arms race doesn’t make the U.S. – or the world – any safer. That’s why I’m leading 17 other senators in urging @JimInhofe  & @SenJackReed  to include 3 key nuclear weapons provisions in next year’s defense budget.

Here’s the deal: In the past 3 years @WellsFargo  has sworn up & down that it’s changed – & it’s been caught scamming customers & lying to regulators in more than a dozen ways. Fake accounts. Unneeded auto insurance fees. Wrongful foreclosures & repossessed cars. Enough is enough.

Three years after the fake accounts scandal, @WellsFargo  got caught raking in cash from accounts that its customers didn’t know they had – AGAIN. Today I’m opening an investigation & demanding answers.

In 2013, I asked why a kid caught with an ounce of drugs goes to jail, but a bank exec that launders a billion dollars in drug money pays a fine & sleeps in their own bed at night. It's clear: we have one justice system for the rich & powerful, & another for everybody else.

We need stronger rules on Wall Street, & tough regulators to enforce them. That’s why my anti-corruption bill locks the revolving door between Wall Street & Washington, & my Ending Too Big to Jail Act puts big bank executives in handcuffs when their banks break the law.

The American people have a right to know how & why @realDonaldTrump  ’s political appointees at @TheJusticeDept  are influencing the settlement process to help @Barclays  & @RBS  avoid accountability for their role in the 2008 financial crisis. I want answers.


The President of the United States just defended neo-Nazis and blamed those who condemn their racism and hate. This is sick.

Someone was murdered at a Neo-Nazi rally today. That happened. In America. In 2017. It's time to make clear where we stand – all of us.

The definition of "poor leadership" is sitting at your golf club while millions of US citizens beg for your help, @realDonaldTrump .

I will not be silent about a nominee for AG who has made derogatory & racist comments that have no place in our justice system.

.: why aren’t customers saving money? Taxpayers: we lost our jobs/homes/savings but gave you a $25b bailout Workers: employers don’t pay living wages Economists: rising costs + stagnant wages = 0 savings Chase: guess we’ll never know Everyone: seriously? #MoneyMotivation 

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Consider this MY warning: We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist.

Are you really trying to bully, intimidate and slut-shame ? Do you know who you're picking a fight with? Good luck with that, . Nevertheless, . #shepersisted 

We need a real, independent prosecutor who @realDonaldTrump  can't fire, Sessions can't intimidate, & Congress can't muzzle. We need it now.

This isn’t over. Thousands of kids have been ripped from their parents with no plan to reunite them. And now wants to create new detention camps for families. Separating kids is unacceptable – but indefinite imprisonment of families is still cruel & inhumane.