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Elizabeth Warren

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I am angry because an extremist Supreme Court thinks they can impose their extremist views on all of the women of this country and they are wrong. I have seen the world where abortion is illegal. We’re not going back—not now, not ever.

@Intuit  has raked in billions by tricking Americans into paying for tax filing services that should be free. This $141M settlement is a good first step for accountability, but the IRS also needs to finally set up a truly free, simple tax filing service.

@SenatorLujan  fights from the heart every single day for American families. After surviving a stroke in February, he's now using this traumatic life experience to raise awareness during National Stroke Awareness Month. I'm glad to serve by his side.

@POTUS  picked Kanter as his top antitrust lawyer precisely because of his experience enforcing antitrust law. It's absurd to suggest that experience somehow disqualifies him. @TheJusticeDept  must reject @Google 's attempts to bully law enforcement. No company is above the law.

The killing of Shireen Abu Akleh and the attacks on mourners by Israeli forces at her funeral are deeply disturbing. A free press is a cornerstone of democracy and journalists should not be killed for doing their jobs. We need a full independent investigation.

Four corporations control 85% of the beef market—they're using their market power to raise prices to pad their bottom line. @SenatorRounds  and I have a new resolution to direct the @FTC  to investigate antitrust violations in the beef packing industry.


An extremist Supreme Court is poised to overturn #RoeVWade  and impose its far-right, unpopular views on the entire country. It's time for the millions who support the Constitution and abortion rights to stand up and make their voices heard. We're not going back—not ever.

This deal is dangerous for our democracy. Billionaires like Elon Musk play by a different set of rules than everyone else, accumulating power for their own gain. We need a wealth tax and strong rules to hold Big Tech accountable.

We need a real, independent prosecutor who @realDonaldTrump  can't fire, Sessions can't intimidate, & Congress can't muzzle. We need it now.

Someone was murdered at a Neo-Nazi rally today. That happened. In America. In 2017. It's time to make clear where we stand – all of us.

I will not be silent about a nominee for AG who has made derogatory & racist comments that have no place in our justice system.

The definition of "poor leadership" is sitting at your golf club while millions of US citizens beg for your help, @realDonaldTrump .

Consider this MY warning: We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist.

Are you really trying to bully, intimidate and slut-shame ? Do you know who you're picking a fight with? Good luck with that, . Nevertheless, . #shepersisted