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Again, none of these are “theories” and certainly not “conspiracy theories.” They are hypotheses that ought to be studied in light of the evidence, if the Chinese Communist Party would provide it.

Let me debunk the debunkers. @paulina_milla  and her “experts” wrongly jump straight to the claim that the coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon. That’s not what I’ve said. There’s at least four hypotheses about the origin of the virus:

1. Natural (still the most likely, but almost certainly not from the Wuhan food market)

2. Good science, bad safety (eg, they were researching things like diagnostic testing and vaccines, but an accidental breach occurred)

3. Bad science, bad safety (this is the engineered-bioweapon hypothesis, with an accidental breach)

4. Deliberate release (very unlikely, but shouldn’t rule out till the evidence is in)

We ought to be transparent with the American people about all this. Maybe some of these so-called experts think they know better. I don’t. And they really don’t either.


As the president stated earlier this week, Iran must never be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon.

Progressive activists in New York have pushed for this criminal leniency at the expense of innocent victims. In New York, criminals get gift cards, Mets tickets & free cell phones instead of law enforcement.

China claimed—for almost two months—that coronavirus had originated in a Wuhan seafood market. That is not the case. @TheLancet  published a study demonstrating that of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market, including Patient Zero.

Another senseless murder of an innocent American by armed gunmen in Mexico, this time a 13 year-old boy. The Senate should pass my cartel designation bill to give POTUS more tools to crack down on the violent cartels and protect U.S. citizens.

If you’re in the business of kidnapping Americans, you shouldn’t be able to send your kids to our universities or take lavish vacations here. My bill punishes those who hold Americans hostage by sanctioning their assets & blocking their travel to the U.S.