Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton

U.S. Senator proudly serving the state of Arkansas.

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Daniel Lewis Lee is a white supremacist responsible for slaying an entire family in Arkansas, including a young girl. Twenty years after a jury imposed the death penalty for these crimes, the Supreme Court has rightly allowed justice to proceed.

The Chinese Communist Party has begun the takeover that Hong Kongers have long feared. Those of us with freedom to speak and act on their behalf must do so now, as one of the great citadels of Asia slips into the totalitarian darkness.

I applaud the FBI and DOJ’s swift action in holding these individuals accountable for their crimes. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“Our chil­dren need to know their coun­try’s past, its nor­ma­tive fig­ures & their virtues & vices. That’s how we learn & pass on our story” @CardinalDolan  is right. Our forefathers were imperfect, but their role in our past is important for our future.

The language in the current NDAA is too broad and gives too much power to an unaccountable and probably unconstitutional commission. My amendment will ensure we carefully study each property and that Congress determines the best way forward.

We can’t ignore China’s actions. Beijing must pay for stripping Hong Kong of its freedom.

America is great because of our history, not in spite of it. Today we celebrate that history—the founding of the greatest nation in the world. Happy Independence Day! US

ICYMI: This morning I joined @foxandfriends  to discuss Russia and China. Watch:


There will be more—much more—of this as the world turns against China.

To those who claim the military has no role in stopping anarchists and other criminals from tearing apart our cities: read a book. The military has intervened to maintain public order since the Whiskey Rebellion. Here are a few recent examples.

Chinese Communist Party lies & corruption turned a local health problem into a global pandemic, devastating lives & dreams across our country. There will be a reckoning.

The nation must restore order. The military stands ready.

This report is correct. Pelosi & Schumer are willing to risk your life, your job, your retirement savings for a radical, left-wing wish list that has nothing to do with this virus. Disgraceful.