NEW – Because of Amazon's illegal, union-busting tactics, Amazon workers are getting a second shot at unionizing. This is what the #PROAct  is all about – holding corporations accountable when they use dirty tactics to shut down worker organizing drives.

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"The people who should be complaining right now are our overworked healthcare workers. But no, it's never them moaning or whingeing about the pandemic - it's the Bari Weisses & Bill Mahers & Tucker Carlsons of this world!" My #minirant  tonight on @MSNBC :

#StockMarket | Here's a list of stocks that could be in the news today #Stocks  #StocksToWatchToWatch  | Read:

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good thing there's not a more compelling visual representation of this

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Karnataka: Daily Covid-19 cases cross 50-000 mark for second time after May 2021 #ITVideo  #Coronavirus  #Karnataka 

Oh my god. What a game. I love this team. And respect the Buffalo Bills big time. #ChiefsKingdom 

At least half the State of the Union should be dedicated to proposals to fix the NFL overtime rules.

UP Polls: CM #YogiAdityanath  hits out at Akhilesh Yadav. @abshk07  brings you more in this report. #ITVideo  #UttarPradesh  #Elections 

To remind everyone. In 2019 we lost the AFC championship to the Patriots in an overtime when we never got a chance to touch the ball. So I agree, the overtime rules for the NFL suck.