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Tom Coburn was always an advocate for public health. Twenty years ago in the House, he and I teamed up to fight tuberculosis outbreaks in the U.S. and around the world. His strong voice would be especially useful today. My prayers are with his family.

This is exactly what my plan to mobilize American manufacturing addresses - the shortage of domestic PPE production. I’ll be introducing this legislation soon and hope Congress will move quickly to get it passed.

My deepest gratitude to all of our heroic doctors, including those working around the clock on the frontlines of this crisis. Take a moment to read some of their stories. It's our duty to get them the protective equipment they need. #NationalDoctorsDay 

I stand in solidarity with the workers of Whole Foods, Instacart, and Amazon’s warehouses. ✊ As they put their own health at risk to serve others, their safety is paramount. That means paid sick days, hazard pay, and worker protection standards for essential businesses.

The economy is about people – it’s made up of workers making their companies successful, entrepreneurs starting businesses, families supporting their communities. If we lose sight of that, we lose sight of our common humanity and the dignity of all work.

President Trump continues to attack clean air protections, even during a global respiratory illness pandemic. By the Administration's own analysis two years ago, this rollback will lead to more air pollution deaths across the country.

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@ATT  and @CWAUnion  are leading by example. Taxpayer money should not be funneled into executive pay; corporations should use it to invest in workers.


Not true, @realDonaldTrump . I wrote to you more than 600 days ago demanding answers after you fired the entire White House pandemic team.

I ask my Republican colleagues – what will you do to stop President Trump’s personal retribution tour?

We've been in crises before, and we know what Congress will do – bail out Wall Street and corporations without doing anything for the workers. No corporate bailouts until we take care of workers and put money in their pockets.

General Motors sold Lordstown. If the President cared about its former workers, he would know that. Instead of throwing a tantrum on Twitter, why don’t you just invoke the DPA?

As the Senate debated the GOP tax bill one year ago, senators listened as an expert witness confirmed that the bill would encourage corporations to close up factories here and move overseas.

Unemployment claims filed in Ohio: Last Sunday: 536 This Sunday: 11,995 Monday: 36,645 For tens of thousands of Ohioans the economic crisis is already here. We should have already voted on the House-passed bill.