Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Sen. Sanders of Vermont, Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.

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It’s no surprise that the NLRB has once again stopped Amazon’s desperate attempts to bust their workers’ union. Enough is enough. Amazon must come to the table and negotiate a fair contract with workers NOW.

Corporate greed is the producer of Egg-Land's Best, Farmhouse Eggs & Land O'Lake Eggs, increasing its profits by 65% last quarter to a record-breaking $198 million while doubling the price of eggs & reporting no positive cases of avian flu. Yes. We need a windfall profits tax.

Today we honor MLK, a man of extraordinary courage. Not only did he help lead the fight against racism, he vigorously opposed the Vietnam War, stood with workers & their unions & challenged the massive income & wealth inequality that he saw. He remains an inspiration to us all.

LIVE from the U.S. Capitol: Now is the time for Congress to show the American working class that our government can work for them – not just the 1%.

I was pleased to meet today with former leader of the Labour Party@jeremycorbyn  and his colleagues at the @ProgIntl  and the @corbyn_project . I look forward to working together to build international solidarity toward a future that works for all people.

It is literally beyond belief that 50 years after Roe v. Wade, in the year 2023, we are still debating whether women can control their own bodies. Congress must act to codify Roe v. Wade and make abortion safe and legal again.

It is an outrage that every Republican voted to remove @IlhanMN  – a third term Muslim American woman – from the Foreign Affairs committee. Our job is to unite the American people, not divide them based on their race and religion. What a disgraceful day for the House.


@realDonaldTrump , you are embarrassing our country and the millions of Americans who fought and died to defeat Nazism.

McDonald’s worker in the US: $9/hr McDonald’s worker in Denmark: $22/hr, 6 weeks of annual vacation, a union, 1 year of paid family leave, life insurance and pension. America must join the rest of the industrialized world and ensure that our working class can live with dignity.

No Mr. President, providing health care to every man, woman and child as a right is not a curse, it's exactly what we should be doing.

Congress must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land in this country NOW. And if there aren’t 60 votes in the Senate to do it, and there are not, we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes.

Cost for one vial of insulin: AU : $6.94 GB : $7.52 FR : $9.08 DE : $11 CA : $12 JP : $14.40 US : $98.70 No one should be forced to take out their wallets for insulin – a life-saving drug that was invented nearly 100 years ago. It's time to end the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.

Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding.

I was right about Vietnam. I was right about Iraq. I will do everything in my power to prevent a war with Iran. I apologize to no one.