Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.

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Republicans want a cold war with China because of its growing authoritarianism. That stance is coming from a party that refuses to acknowledge Biden's election victory, investigate the January 6th insurrection, and is working overtime to suppress the vote. What hypocrisy.

It's a painful day for American democracy that Republicans blocked the creation of a commission to investigate the Jan. 6th insurrection. I applaud the six Republicans who voted for the commission, but I am saddened that so many are too intimidated by Trump to do the right thing.

The U.S. Senate is the only institution in the world where a vote of 59-41 can be considered a defeat instead of a huge victory. Enough is enough. Let us change the outdated rules of the Senate, end the filibuster and pass a bold agenda for working families with majority vote.

If Republicans don't want to cooperate and help us seriously address the many crises we're facing today, then, yes, we have to move forward without them to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create millions of good-paying, union jobs.

For the last 48 years real wages for the working class in this country have been stagnant while the very rich have gotten much richer. Today, the top 1% own more wealth than the bottom 92%. Our job is to defeat oligarchy and create an economy that works for all, not just the few.

If we are serious about calling ourselves a democracy, we need to end voter suppression and make it easier for people to vote.

Enough is enough. Every state in this country has a crumbling infrastructure. Now is the time to put our people back to work by finally addressing the structural problems we face. Let’s get it done.

In the richest country in the history of the world, medical debt should not exist.


McDonald’s worker in the US: $9/hr McDonald’s worker in Denmark: $22/hr, 6 weeks of annual vacation, a union, 1 year of paid family leave, life insurance and pension. America must join the rest of the industrialized world and ensure that our working class can live with dignity.

Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding.

I was right about Vietnam. I was right about Iraq. I will do everything in my power to prevent a war with Iran. I apologize to no one.

Yes. Trump's not alone. Federal income taxes paid by corporations a year after his tax plan was signed into law: $0: Amazon $0: GM $0: Netflix $0: Chevron $0: FedEx $0: Eli Lilly $0: Starbucks Dr. King was right. We have socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism for the rest.

I say to those who are delaying action on climate change: Look at the blood-red sky and unbreathable air in Australia because of raging forest fires. Our futures are all connected. That is why we must bring the world together and enact a Green New Deal.