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Senator Ron Johnson

Proud to serve Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate.

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Don’t we want to bring manufacturing back to America? Increasing taxes on manufactures with the “Inflation Reduction Act” will only drive them further offshore. This bill runs counter to everything Democrats claim they’re for. It will do the opposite.

Finland and Sweden will complement NATO’s collective defense and send a clear message to the Russian regime that their unprovoked atrocities in Ukraine, attempts to divide the West and other malign activities have backfired.

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I was pleased to meet Vladimir Kara-Murza’s wife, @ekaramurza , today to get an update on her husband & the hundreds of innocent Russians like him being wrongfully detained by Putin’s regime for speaking the truth. The world is watching. Kara-Murza should be released immediately.

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Federal agencies are fueling the corrupt gain of function research ecosystem that prioritizes hubris over safety.

Lying Dems and their friends in corporate media are at it again, distorting a Democrat “gotcha” vote. In reality, the Dems wanted to break Senate rules to pass insulin pricing cap instead of going through regular order. They put this in a bill it wasn't allowed in, all for show.

Increased competition has led to price declines. Price controls lead to reduced supply, availability & new drug development.

One more example of our two-tiered system of justice.   Who do you think they’ll weaponize the 87,000 IRS agents against?   The answer is obvious. Their political enemies.

Our two-tiered system of justice just added a third level – the weaponization of law enforcement agencies against Democrats’ political opponents. I've experienced this corruption up close and personal, but now it's on display for the entire world to see.


FDA official Dr. Peter Marks says vaccinated kids have a 5 fold increase of myocarditis. Why on earth are they pushing the COVID vaccine on babies? We still don’t know the long-term safety profile of these vaccines.

We are holding an oversight hearing tomorrow to examine the irregularities in the 2020 election. A large percentage of Americans simply don't think this was a legitimate election. That’s an unsustainable state of affairs for our country.

My committee has jurisdiction over USPS and the federal workforce. I’m asking anyone who knows of irregularities related to mail-in or absentee ballots to contact our confidential whistleblower hotline: whistleblowe @ronjohnson

@POTUS  says this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed. Data from England show 63% of Delta deaths in last 7.5 months were fully vaxxed. Why won’t @CDCgov  share US data with the American people? What is the justification of mandates and refusal to recognize natural immunity?

There is a lot more to the story of Wisconsin’s 2020 election and recount. 3 million people in our state voted properly. But @JudgeTroupis  testified that over 200,000 votes were not valid.

@HawleyMO : "After 4 years of being told the last election was fake, the same people are telling us if you have any concerns about election integrity you're a nut case, sit down and shut up. That is not a recipe for success in this country."

President’s lawyers blew the House Manager’s case out of the water. Legally eviscerated them.

For those who haven’t had time to watch the full five hour discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion, I am imploring you to watch this 30 minute highlight video. Please watch and share with everyone you know.

My hearing examining irregularities in the 2020 election was important. Many issues and questions were raised that deserve investigation and answers: 1) @RandPaul  and Judge Starr talked about how courts really didn’t evaluate evidence of fraud at all

Why haven't we let doctors be doctors? Dr. Paul Marik's experience treating Covid-19 patients is heartbreaking.