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Senator Ron Johnson

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I just objected to skipping past the reading of the Democrats’ 628-page bill that was just introduced minutes ago. If they’re going to add nearly $2T to the national debt at least we should know what’s in the bill.

Listening to the clerks read the Democrats' $1.9T bill, it’s amazing how many times you hear the year 2022, 2023 and beyond. I thought all this COVID relief spending was needed *now*.

$1.9 trillion in additional debt is $5,800 per person.  Added to the $4 trillion of earlier relief bills, its a debt burden of $18,000 per person.  This relief isn’t free.

After listening to the entire 11 hours of the reading of this bill, it's clear this is not a COVID relief bill. It's amazing how much spending is for 2022-2028. This is just a Democrat wish list.

I would like to thank the Senate clerks who read the $1.9 trillion bill yesterday. I know it was a big job and it’s unfortunate it took 11 hours. I finally got a hard copy of the bill about an hour into the reading and followed along the entire time.

@SenSchumer  attacked me because I wanted the Senate to take the time to hear what was in his $1.9 trillion boondoggle. Now we’re stalled 4 hours and counting because he can’t get his act together?

I support helping people truly affected by the pandemic, but we should have targeted the unspent $1 trillion from previous bills first.  The economy is already in a strong recovery, and this bill could spark harmful inflation. It was unneeded and unwise.

The tip of the iceberg near Yuma, AZ as immigrants begin to flood into the US responding to @JoeBiden’s open border, catch and release policy. How many have COVID?

A caravan a day. Those are the numbers we are seeing right now at the border. We do not have the facilities to handle this. This is the tip of the iceberg of a crisis caused by President Biden's policies.

This is not your parents' or grandparents' Democratic Party. We're seeing a flood of progressive and radical legislation.


What happened in Nevada? Here's the story from attorney @jbinnall  who testified his whistleblower hotline never stopped ringing. Yet the mainstream media and the Democrats accused him of making it all up, and the courts ignored his evidence.

My committee has jurisdiction over USPS and the federal workforce. I’m asking anyone who knows of irregularities related to mail-in or absentee ballots to contact our confidential whistleblower hotline: whistleblowe @ronjohnson

There is a lot more to the story of Wisconsin’s 2020 election and recount. 3 million people in our state voted properly. But @JudgeTroupis  testified that over 200,000 votes were not valid.

We are holding an oversight hearing tomorrow to examine the irregularities in the 2020 election. A large percentage of Americans simply don't think this was a legitimate election. That’s an unsustainable state of affairs for our country.

@HawleyMO : "After 4 years of being told the last election was fake, the same people are telling us if you have any concerns about election integrity you're a nut case, sit down and shut up. That is not a recipe for success in this country."

OUT TODAY: Report with @ChuckGrassley  found millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden & his associates and foreign individuals, including the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

President’s lawyers blew the House Manager’s case out of the water. Legally eviscerated them.

Democrats and the mainstream media didn’t complain when @SenSchumer  contested @SenRickScott’s election through the courts. Why now?