Sen. John Barrasso

Sen. John Barrasso

U.S. Senator for the great state of Wyoming, @SenateGOP Chairman, and Ranking Member of @EnergyGOP.

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@POTUS ' bloated budget reveals how out-of-touch he is with families in Wyoming and across the country. Instead of lowering costs, the president is raising taxes so he can fund his reckless, radical spending. This budget is dead on arrival.

We must reestablish the United States as the global leader in nuclear energy. It is fundamental to meeting our energy, environmental, and national security objectives.

The Great Divide Friends of the NRA banquet in Rawlins is a great opportunity to celebrate our Second Amendment rights and western heritage. A special thank you to the dedicated volunteers who make this event a success year after year.

Wyoming’s Speech & Debate students gathered in Cheyenne this weekend for the state tournament. It was a pleasure to visit about their higher education plans and how the communication skills, hard work and dedication they are developing benefit them in and out of the classroom.

@POTUS ' reckless spending and far-left priorities have created an inflation disaster. Americans are dipping into their savings just to pay for gas and groceries. President Biden and the Democrats must stop their attacks on middle-class families.


The House could have called all these witnesses and chose not to. As senators, we have a responsibility to not allow this to become a circus. That’s what Democrats are trying to do.

Today on @NBCNews , I discussed how @SpeakerPelosi  sat on the articles of impeachment for 33 days. America has seen this trial for what it is: political stunt. It’s not just about overturning the last election of @realDonaldTrump  but going after the next one, too.

Videos @RepAdamSchiff  showed repeatedly in the impeachment trial withheld critical information. We will continue to hear about the House Democrats’ flawed process as the team for @realDonaldTrump  lays out it’s case.

Since @realDonaldTrump  took office, we’ve added 7 million new jobs, consumer confidence & the stock market are at all-time highs, & wages have gone up. The president has been doing an excellent job for America & will continue to do so. @NBCNews 

The @SenSchumer  & @SpeakerPelosi  paycheck blockade must end now. The #PaycheckProtectionProgram  has ensured millions of Americans keep getting paid during this crisis. We need further funding to continue this vital work.

Economic freedom and free markets: Those are the engines of our economy. Socialism is an enemy of our economy. I think the American people will take economic freedom over socialism any day.

This impeachment vote is about removing the president from office, something that has never happened before. This is as serious as it gets, & @realDonaldTrump  hasn’t even had a chance to present his case yet. I look forward to hearing his defense. #foxnews