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Kirsten Gillibrand

Mom to Theo, Henry and dog Maple. Wife to Jonathan. U.S. Senator from NY and candidate for president. Not “very polite.”

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Today marks the 49th anniversary of #RoeVWade . If Trump-appointed right-wing justices get their way, it may be its last. We need to pass the Women's Health Protection Act to codify Roe and protect our reproductive freedom.

Protecting the right to vote shouldn't be a partisan issue. But when the same people pushing baseless claims of stolen elections want to make voting even harder, I'll do everything I can to defend your right. And I won't let the filibuster stand in my way.

I'm fighting to defend everyone's right to vote — whether you're voting for my party or not. But as I made clear in my @FoxNews  op-ed today, I'm not going to let the filibuster stand in our way.

The filibuster isn't a constitutional right or a pillar of our democracy — but the right to vote is.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and thousands of Americans like him risked their lives to fight for the right to vote. I won't let the filibuster stop me from defending that sacred right. #MLKDay 

The right to vote is sacred — the filibuster is not. We have a moral responsibility to defend our democracy. We didn't have the votes to overcome the filibuster today, but the arc of the moral universe is long. And I will keep fighting until it bends toward justice.

How can we have a government by the people and for the people when Citizens United allows a wealthy few to flood our elections with billions of dollars? We need to get big money out of politics, root out corruption, and put power back in the hands of the people.

If our voting rights are being undermined, we can’t protect our reproductive rights.


To my Republican colleagues who've complained that there's no new evidence in this impeachment trial: You voted more than ten times to block relevant witnesses and evidence. Don’t bury your head in the sand and then complain that it’s dark.

Imagine if half of Congress was women. If half of all mayors and governors were women. Imagine what could get done.

If Mitch McConnell can eliminate the filibuster to install Supreme Court justices who might overturn #RoeVWade , we can't let the filibuster stand in the way of passing the Women's Health Protection Act and defending our reproductive freedom.

Every American should be able to vote by mail.

Let’s put a bank in every post office.

I will not meet with Judge Amy Coney Barrett. This nomination process is illegitimate. I refuse to participate in the further degradation of our democracy and our judiciary.

I’m proud to endorse @JoeBiden today. Our country needs a president who will provide steady, honest leadership, and I believe Joe has the right experience, empathy, and character to lead. I’m excited to help him defeat Donald Trump in November.

A woman can win. Anything that suggests otherwise ignores the facts. @HillaryClinton  won 3 million more votes than @realDonaldTrump  in the last election.

Trump’s new Postmaster General, a top Republican donor, has tens of millions of dollars invested in the Postal Service’s competitors. How could he possibly have the @USPS ’s best interests in mind? We have to keep speaking out to protect our post offices.

Today in Youngstown, OH, a woman asked: "This is an area that, across all demographics, has been depressed because of the loss of industry and the opioid crisis. What do you have to say to people in this area about so-called white privilege?" Here's what I answered: