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The Trump Administration has gone to great lengths to suppress climate science in order to downplay the threat of climate change. We must act on the serious threat of climate change and that begins with respecting science

The Trump Admin should step in and reject this outrageous plan, but they likely won’t because they share the goal of decimating Medicaid

The Administration wants to evict 100,000 people living in mixed-status immigrant families, including 55,000 American children, from subsidized housing

@realDonaldTrump 's campaign to demonize the most vulnerable is an insult to our values

I stand in solidarity w/ @UAW  workers who are striking for better wages and healthcare. I hope that a fair agreement is reached soon

Cokie Roberts was a pioneer for women in broadcasting who inspired an entire generation of young reporters. In the coming days, our nation will reflect on her trailblazing career and the substantial impact she had on journalism and women in the workplace

Ja’leyah-Jamar was killed last Friday in Kansas. She is the 18th known Black transgender woman to be killed in 2019. No one should fear for their safety because of who they love, the color of their skin or the gender with which they identify.

This Administration’s failure to promote its own USDA researchers’ climate science hurts our farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Additionally, the reckless relocation of ERS and NIFA is already causing a loss of expertise and a disruption of critical research.


To all the students who are about to lose their deductions, have you ever turned in a paper with handwritten edits in the margin? What was the grade?

I’m proud of what the accomplished this year. I’m skipping this political stunt at the White House and just invited the Eagles to Congress. How about a tour of the Capitol?

@realDonaldTrump  Based on your 2005 return, reducing the top income rate to 35% would personally benefit you to the tune of ~$7 million.

After speech in Philly, I’ll revise my tweet. This IS an effort to suppress legitimate voters & I WILL fight like hell against it.

Page 135. This allows states to let insurance companies charge you more because of a pre-existing condition.

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Page 41. They revoke the essential health benefits requirement.

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This is Nixonian. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein must immediately appoint a special prosecutor to continue the Trump/Russia investigation.

Why is the state-sponsored news agency of Putin’s regime, which kills journalists, given access to Oval Office meeting over US journalists?

Twitter: it's urgent. I just found out that a young child & her mother who came to U.S. seeking refuge will be sent back to Honduras today.

This means insurance companies are no longer required to cover things like maternity care and emergency services. This will effect everyone.