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I support a resolution (to be proposed by Senator Schumer) to condemn Trump’s reckless reprehensible betrayal of Kurdish forces—enabling ISIS to resurge & threaten Americans. Republicans must join in the name of national security.

Despite the White House’s half hearted distancing, this sickening video is a reminder & result of what Trump has condoned, even encouraged. Make no mistake: Mass murder, gun violence, & raw hatred have no place in our country—Americans are saying enough is enough.

Finally, Trump’s finances may really be disclosed. Long overdue, this unveiling might mark a turning point—for conflict of interest, tax, & emoluments enforcement. A triumph for the rule of law.

These recommendations require instant action, not delay. The 737 MAX should be grounded until there is clear, strong action to correct systemic defects that the tragic 737 MAX crashes have shockingly revealed.

Bipartisan action must condemn this calamity: end arms sales & impose stiff sanctions on Turkey immediately, while robustly reviving anti-ISIS action.

I’ve worked over the past year w/the State Dept in close consultation w/Scott Hapgood’s legal team seeking fair&safe treatment in these foreign legal proceedings. I’ll continue these efforts to assure a just outcome as swiftly as possible w/o unnecessary burden to him&his family.


I stand with millions of American consumers, innovators, and entrepreneurs against ’s plot to gut . RT if yo #NetNeutrality ’re ready to resist this appalling attack on our free and open internet.

Just got off the phone w/ HHS. I am furious&horrified after immigration conference call – virtually no separated children have been reunified; no system, no plan, no path to assure reunification; no answers to key questions. Strategy seems to be: blame everyone else.

I asked Judge Kavanaugh to recuse himself from any #SCOTUS  case involving the criminal or civil liability of President Trump. He refused.

This day is the saddest & angriest of my time in the Senate. The Republicans have succeeded in confirming a dangerous & deeply flawed nominee only by breaking all the rules & norms. The damage done today will be enduring—to the United States Supreme Court & to our country.

Mr. President: Your bullying hasn't worked before and it won't work now. No one is above the law.

There’s abundant evidence to convict Donald Trump of many of the crimes that Michael Cohen is now serving years in prison for committing.