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Trump & his admin slammed the door in the face of women fleeing ruthless violence, LGBTQ+ refugees escaping persecution, & thousands of others seeking safety in the US. It was right & necessary for AG Garland to reverse these brutal, shameful decisions.

Reproductive rights & abortion access are deeply & dangerously threatened. We’ve had enough meddling between Americans & their health care decisions. We’ve had enough shameful attack on people’s freedoms & futures. The time is now for the Women’s Health Protection Act.

6 years ago our hearts were shattered as 9 worshippers were murdered at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church. Their loved ones & families are in my thoughts. Let us honor their lives & memory with action by closing the Charleston loophole & stopping hate-motivated violence once & for all.

So many memories are made here at Toad’s Place in New Haven & other music venues across CT. After a year of having their doors shuttered, I was proud to be with @rosadelauro  & the owner of Toad’s Place, Brian Phelps, to announce a federal funding grant to help them reopen.

These venues are important to the vibrancy of our communities & I’ll continue to fight to support them.

Thanks to the dedicated volunteers & staff of the Red Cross who worked diligently throughout the pandemic to maintain blood supplies. Nationwide we are facing a blood shortage—now more than ever if you can donate, each donation can save three lives.

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#Juneteenth is not only a commemoration, but a call to action. Our country has come a long way, but the past year has shown us just how much work remains unfinished. It’s on all of us to continue the fight for racial justice & equity.

A single wrongheaded court decision shouldn’t trump common sense. Consumers ought to think twice before sailing on any cruise ship failing to follow CDC safety rules—like requiring vaccinations for passengers & crew.

CDC may accommodate a dangerous politically driven court decision by rewriting some details, but must retain key safety protections. Vaccinations are vital. So are COVID tests & other steps. Cruise ships may again become deadly Petri dishes of disease without them.

Joyous, proud Juneteenth parades & celebrations in Bridgeport, Easton, & Milford. I was so inspired by great people & spirit.


Shocked & appalled—I just left a 90 minute classified briefing on foreign malign threats to our elections. From spying to sabotage, Americans need to see & hear these reports.

In advance of the classified briefing I’ll hear later today, I reviewed classified documents this morning. They are chilling. Declassify this information. Americans deserve & need to know about ongoing foreign interference (even sabotage) in our election system.

This morning’s classified coronavirus briefing should have been made fully open to the American people—they would be as appalled & astonished as I am by the inadequacy of preparedness & prevention.

As Senator McConnell once said: "Elections have consequences." Republican demands to cling to power after losing the election are just an excuse to continue their obstruction. Americans want action, not more stall tactics from sore losers.

Protect our democracy from destruction by declassifying key intel describing the danger of foreign subterfuge to our elections. Congress has been briefed, but sworn to secrecy—unacceptably.

If Republicans recklessly & reprehensibly force a SCOTUS vote before the election—nothing is off the table.

Stunning. Today’s classified briefing on Russia’s cyberattack left me deeply alarmed, in fact downright scared. Americans deserve to know what's going on. Declassify what’s known & unknown.

More chilling & shocking evidence of deeply dangerous foreign threats to our elections—& more reason to declassify the terrifying information given to us in secret briefings over the past few days.