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Businesses are being boarded up across the country to protect against violent left-wing mobs who will rampage if Biden doesn’t win.

If Biden takes this, the media and big tech just decided an election. Let the weight of that statement hit you like a freight train because it’s 100% true.

Anchoring special coverage tonight 7:30-10ET @newsmax.  we have not yet called the race- Waiting for better counts, recounts, and some clarity on lawsuits and that big Supreme Court injunction in PA - JOIN US

Anchoring special coverage tonight on @newsmax  8-10pm ET - JOIN US

Responding to a zillion tweets - beginning NEXT MONDAY our @newsmax  morning show “WAKE UP AMERICA” will be 2 HOURS from 7-9AM ET. It’s likely to expand even more in the very near future. 💪🏽💪🏽

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MY MOM Is breaking news this morning - she works for ST VINCENT hospitals - their medical workers will be taking the PFIZER VACCINE next week

I get asked constantly - how do i find @newsmax  ?? - our ratings are exploding despite still being in process of entering millions more households. Type in your zip code here to see if you have @newsmax  on your tv...