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When you are a seditious traitor normal people shun you. “Money Goes Towards Power”: Trump Is Exiting the White House With His Brand in Tatters | Vanity Fair

He was exposed. An incredible deficient loser with mendacious at criminal tendencies. A man with no regard for his fellow men and women. Good riddance.

Today is the most important & best day in the US since the end of Civil War. Tied with VE & VJ Day. It is the day that honors surviving the biggest risk of losing democracy and falling under authoritarian rule since the Founding. A day worthy of happiness, celebration & relief US

The battle is just beginning and the nation is up for it.

If you are reading this you have more Twitter followers than Donald Trump . . .

Don’t expect a flood of tighter regulation given ongoing fragility of post-COVID economy

The moment you realize the democracy in the country you love is out of danger. US

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@JoeBiden  DOES NOT want to defund the police. Please retweet this to help beat back the @realDonaldTrump  big lie.

They are planning another attack. The President and his conspiracists need to be arrested.

We live in a country where a 79-year-old scientist and doctor who has dedicated 36 years of his life to understanding and stopping infectious disease, now needs armed federal security because his life is threatened for telling the truth about a pandemic. Vote him out!

There is very bad stuff coming. We are being called upon to fight fascism and the tyranny of a thuggish mob. Please take this seriously. Sounding the alarm is not being alarmist. It is just fact. We need to stick together and defeat this form of evil.

Unemployment is currently at 10.2% and when @BarackObama  left office it was at 4.7%. @realDonaldTrump  has destroyed the economy.

Trump asked the black community “what do you have to lose?” in voting for him. Turns out, your life.

He is broke, and in hopes of getting a foreign bailout, he’s betraying his country. The @GOP  are accomplices to his treason.

Trump fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors so he could get a photo opp in front a church that didn’t want him there, holding a Bible from which he cannot name a single verse, all to prove he’s not a coward hiding in his bunker again. A perfect encapsulation.

The only story in this NY Post nonsense is that the Trump campaign is openly collaborating with Russian intelligence... again.