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AMAZING fly past for the #PlatinumJubilee  🛩✈️🛩 Such skill and precision on display! Wonderful! Fabulous to see the a Queen enjoying the festivities so much.

Delighted to be presented with my official @GBHockey  GB cap today. I’m very proud to have represented Great Britain over 50 times and England over 100 times 🏑🥇🥇🥈 It was a honour and a privilege 🥲

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Whilst this evenings dinner seemingly passed the taste test, we may need to work on Molly’s table manners… 😳🙈

I’ve just been told that the saying “be there or be square” is used because if you aren’t there, then you aren’t “a-round” and therefore you’re “a square”… … and it’s completely blown my mind! 🤯

People thinking he was Mane’s replacement and it turns out he’s Origi’s… #27 

This morning, my husband told me he wasn’t prepared to put up with my terrible sense of direction any longer… He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! 😡 I got so mad that I immediately packed up all my stuff and right! #FathersDayDadJoke  #ImSorry 

At 8pm 📺 on @BBCOne  there is a special episode of @QuestionofSport  which shows some of the highlights from @PaddyMcGuinness  , @ugomonye  & my first series together. One of my favourites being my first 100% on the Starting XI 💪🏻… How many can you get?

With the series complete, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the team behind the scenes who worked so hard on the show under some very challenging circumstances! I look forward to seeing you all next week (when I won’t be pregnant 😂) as we film the shows 52nd(!) series. Xx

SUN’S OUT MUMS OUT!! So excited to be out with the girls today! @ChesterRaces  Bring it on! ❤️🏇 #ChesterRaces 

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That were seriously decent 👍🏻 #Glastonbury 


For the avoidance of doubt: If you open a door for me, If you pull my chair out, If you lend me an umbrella when it’s raining, Or your coat when it’s cold, If you see me upset & put your arm around me... I won’t think you’re being sexist, I’ll think your Mum raised you right??

I bet the owner tried for years to share it, but no one ever replied to his emails...

My friends have suggested that we go camping after lockdown ends ?, so I have spent the morning making a list of everything I need... 1) New Friends

?? Salah rattles in a worldie but Shay Given only had eyes for his dinner #LIVCHE  #LFC  #YNWA 

So much time for this from our future Kings 🙌🏼

To the weird guy who messaged me on Instagram saying he would do “anything” to hear me fart through a walkie-talkie...the time has come to see if you’re a man of your word... Find me 2 well-priced Champions League tickets in the Liverpool section ?? - Yes, it’s come to this ??

United fans shouldn’t be disheartened at conceding two goals at home to PSG... Liverpool did too. ...Granted Neymar and Cavani were playing for PSG when we played them ...and we scored three times to win But chin up ey ?? #LFC  #YNWA 

Dear Please put up some sort of fight today vs City. You ruined chunks of my childhood by being good & now you could ruin a chunk of my adult life by being utter crap. I promise never to tweet another gif of a car with the wheels coming off if you at least try! Sam x