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Stephanie Ruhle

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Mayor Pete appealing to many older voters, Warren falling in the polls, Harris fizzling, a surprise attack from Clarence Thomas on Biden We’re talking about it all COMING UP on @MSNBC 

Franklin Graham says people who oppose the president might be dealing with a “demonic power” I’m getting into the politics of demonization with @Peter_Wehner , @ThirdWayKessler , and @BrendanBuck  TUNE IN NOW @MSNBC 

I did - earlier this month. But we are continuing to look into it

African-American history is often limited to oppression and slavery in schools. @LaingTiffney  wanted to change that, so she created @bevyanddave  to teach kids about black history as a whole through educational toys and puzzles. #GoodNewsRUHLES 

Thank you for doing so much and caring so much

There’s only 20 days til Christmas — want to know how to get your holiday spending under control? I got a plan, you don’t want to miss it. TUNE IN to the @TODAYshow  RIGHT NOW


Blames mental illness, but signed a bill allowing the mentally ill to buy guns & supprted healthcare reform that didn’t cover mental health

My takeaway on the Fred/Donald Trump tax fraud/ real eatate deep dive- Do you realize how BAD you have to be at business to inherit that portfolio in NEW YORK CITY many years ago and NOT be worth $10bn today? It is almost impossible

WOMEN face sexism & discrimination every day & we keep pressing forward. What @EliseStefanik  did in knowingly violating a rule & then falsely claiming it was sexist silencing -hurts women. It gave life to the “playing the woman card” - something misogynists love to rail against

Our governent is shut down & federal workers are going WITHOUT PAY, meanwhile Treasury Secretary is playing golf on the beach on Cabo San Lucas with full SECRET SERVICE DETAIL. HOW DOES THAT WORK? (I’m pretty sure he is not there to collect payment for the wall)

This morning, before you skip that goodbye kiss to your kids, please consider all the missed kisses for the #sandyhook  families. Time is precious. On this day 6yrs ago, the lives of 20 beautiful children and six brave adults were taken. Please honor & remember them.

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Please note - Lisa is the smartest one in the family

If you read one thing today, MAKE IT THIS 👇 #onething  29-year-old veteran: "I’m about to lose everything that I own and become homeless," Roundtree said. "I don’t want to be that veteran on the street begging for change because I haven’t received what I was promised."

If birth control promotes “risky sexual behavior”, do seat belts promote drag racing?