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@karaswisher  Louise Ruhle has shifted to: @tcm , @hgtv  & a swing by an @NBCNews  @MSNBC  property just so she can let me know my voice sounds raspy, look a little tired or the pattern of my blouse is vertigo inducing

Arriving in DC... it was always going to be a smaller inauguration bc of COVID.. But there would still have been vendors/concession stands selling t-shirts, hats, hot dogs etc... there must be garages full of Inauguration 2021 t-shirts & small biz folks in further debt

DC is a city built on government and tourism. Recent events with the pandemic and politics have shut it down entirely. Are you/do you know a local DC business dealing with this struggle right now?

Read this & Read this again Anti-vaccine groups receive more than $850,000 in COVID relief program - The Washington Post

With all the financial challenges of 2020, filing taxes may be even more daunting than usual – especially if you worked from home in a different state than your job or if you dealt with unemployment. Reply to this tweet with any questions you have! 👇 I’m here to help.

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In parenting news, Bob Zangrillo who wast charged with using money & influence to cheat his child into college.... Uses money & influence to get pardoned. This is the stuff wedding toasts are made of...


Blames mental illness, but signed a bill allowing the mentally ill to buy guns & supprted healthcare reform that didn’t cover mental health

Reminder - @VP  was head of the Coronavirus Task Force. He had the same information @realDonaldTrump  did

STUNNING In the last 10 mins of trading on 8/23 as mkts were roiling in the face of more bad trade news, someone bought 386,000 Sep e-minis. 3days later,Trump lied about getting a call from China to restart the trade talks-S&P shot up nearly 80 points. The potential profit +1.5bn

THREAD: Here’s a round-up of corporations pulling out of donations/events because of last week and what that means.

Please note, over 60,000 people are employed by Goodyear. 30+mm Americans are currently without jobs & @realDonaldTrump-  The President of the United States gave his 85.3MM followers intructions that would do harm to a company founded 121 years ago in Akron, Ohio


Please note - Lisa is the smartest one in the family

This morning, before you skip that goodbye kiss to your kids, please consider all the missed kisses for the #sandyhook  families. Time is precious. On this day 6yrs ago, the lives of 20 beautiful children and six brave adults were taken. Please honor & remember them.

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Our governent is shut down & federal workers are going WITHOUT PAY, meanwhile Treasury Secretary is playing golf on the beach on Cabo San Lucas with full SECRET SERVICE DETAIL. HOW DOES THAT WORK? (I’m pretty sure he is not there to collect payment for the wall)