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In the age of #WorkFromHome , we all have our own ways of making it happen. But we need to remember: NO ONE is failing as a wife, a daughter, a spouse. We NEED to give ourselves and the people in our lives a break.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler will liquidate individual stock shares after coronavirus trade furor

Video calls are part of our new norm, so I've got some tips on how to look your best. (Spoiler: the people you're chatting with don't HAVE to be looking up your nose the whole time)

Well- I detest both of those things. But I’m down with Ramen Noodles For Life

It is legal Let’s hope congress finds the political will to CHANGE that

QUARANTINE: Creating many funny/weird family memories for healthy people of privilege Creating a frightened & forgotten reality for more vulnerable people It is up to us to help solve for this fracture. If you need help, ask for it If you can give help, please help

Coming up on @NBCNewsUS  I'll be bringing you the latest on the #PaycheckProtectionProgram-  you don't want to miss it!

Consider taking your rage against lawmakers who bought & sold stocks based on information gathered through privileged information & DEMAND THE LAWS THAT ALLOW THIS ASTOUNDINGLY UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR BE CHANGED ASAP

SBA Just now: As of 8:00 p.m., today we are reporting that there have been more than 431,000 applications totaling $111 billion and over 3800 lending institutions


Blames mental illness, but signed a bill allowing the mentally ill to buy guns & supprted healthcare reform that didn’t cover mental health

STUNNING In the last 10 mins of trading on 8/23 as mkts were roiling in the face of more bad trade news, someone bought 386,000 Sep e-minis. 3days later,Trump lied about getting a call from China to restart the trade talks-S&P shot up nearly 80 points. The potential profit +1.5bn

AIRLINES ARE STRAPPED FOR CASH- Why don’t they have a cushion? US AIRLINES spent 96% of free cash flow on STOCK BUYBACKS 👇👇

. @realDonaldTrump  “I don’t take responsibility at all” @realDonaldTrump  Filed for bankruptcy protection over 5 times See a pattern?

Is the SEC aware of this? Did any of them buy defense sector stocks? Dabble in oil?

Our governent is shut down & federal workers are going WITHOUT PAY, meanwhile Treasury Secretary is playing golf on the beach on Cabo San Lucas with full SECRET SERVICE DETAIL. HOW DOES THAT WORK? (I’m pretty sure he is not there to collect payment for the wall)

Please note - Lisa is the smartest one in the family

This morning, before you skip that goodbye kiss to your kids, please consider all the missed kisses for the #sandyhook  families. Time is precious. On this day 6yrs ago, the lives of 20 beautiful children and six brave adults were taken. Please honor & remember them.

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Reminder. Prior to becoming Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper was a lobbyist for Raytheon, a major US defense contractor.