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I tweet about trading, financial markets, financial freedom, also sharing what I find inspiring & motivating. I am a trader & the founder of

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No matter how many seminars you go to, books you read, or motivational quotes you see you still have to do the work to achieve your own goals. You better like the work you need to do, so you don’t quit.

A job will pay your bills but building a business, investing in a business, & trading the markets will build wealth.

The Resistance and Support Levels on the Charts: $SPY $QQQ $IWM Guest Post by @TrendSpider 

The two elements of profitable trading is limiting drawdowns of existing capital and letting winners run to maximize growing it. You have to trade with enough size to make your wins meaningful but at the same time limit the size of your losses with the exit plan.

Join me Sunday at 11 AM EDT for my @TrendSpider webinar with special guest @AnneMarieTrades  We will be reviewing charts & explore some of our favorite TrendSpider features such as Raindrops(TM), Backtesting, & Strategy Testing. Hope to see you there! Link:

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EU says Britain has requested an extension of Brexit deadline after UK lawmakers delay vote: @CNBC 


There are 4 types of wealth: 1. Financial wealth (money) 2. Social wealth (status) 3. Time wealth (freedom) 4. Physical wealth (health) Be wary of jobs that lure you in with 1 and 2, but rob you of 3 and 4. - James Clear

When you announce the China trade deal is almost complete for the 137th time & the Dow rallies 150 points:

Beware of any trader claiming they never have a losing trade:

95% of Americans are not allowed by law to invest in start-ups. Only ‘accredited investors’ are entitled to do so, but you can buy lottery tickets all you want or go to Las Vegas to gamble. 🤔🧐

In case you're wondering what the differences between category 1-5 hurricanes are. #HurricaneHarvey  #HurricanHarvey 

Why it’s hard to trade against an algo:

Amazon has almost no stores 🏪 Uber owns almost no cars 🚗 Facebook creates no content ✏️ Alibaba has no inventory 📚 AirBnB owns no real estate🏡 Netflix is not a television channel📺 Tinder requires no marriage💑 Central Banks have no gold💸 Bitcoin has no physical coins💰

True wealth consists in: Worriless sleeping Clear conscience Reciprocal gratitude Absence of envy Good appetite Muscle strength Physical energy Frequent laughs No meals alone No gym classes Some physical labor No meeting rooms Periodic surprises - @nntaleb