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Greens senator Lidia Thorpe is expected to quit party over Voice to Parliament referendum.

The Andrews government made an election promise to workshop a replacement for the Lord's Prayer at the start of this term.

“Regardless of whether you want to reverse the procedure or not, I think it's important to educate yourself on what was done to you," Mina says.

"The criminalisation of homosexuality is a problem that cannot be ignored," said Pope Francis, noting that the Catholic Church's book of teachings says same-sex attraction is not a sin but homosexual acts are.

There's some serious science behind the fungal brain infection that turns humans into flesh-eating zombies in the hit show ‘The Last of Us’. Our resident fun-guy @ShivePrema  reports. #thelastofus  For the latest news, visit:

“We really wanted to make sure… Black, Indigenous, and people of colour, have the opportunity to review a show that aligned with their own lived experience," said co-director Zindzi Okenyo.

Most of the defendants in this case — 34 out of 47 — have been jailed for almost two years and they are all facing the possibility of life in prison if convicted.

John Barilaro's appointment to a lucrative US trade job was a "sorry saga" with all the hallmarks of a "job for the boys", a parliamentary inquiry has found.

Bernard Arnault overtook Elon Musk as the world's richest man, with an estimated net worth of $A322.3 billion. But who is he? Find out how he toppled the tech billionaire:

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Professional wrestlers enforce the face mask rule at the Central de Abastos market in Mexico City.

Watch NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pick apart this reporter's question during a joint press conference with Finnish PM Sanna Marin. He asked the pair 'are you two meeting because you're similar in age and got a lot of common stuff there?' Read more:

Starving children are being forced to eat leaves in a desperate bid for survival, as conditions in Yemen become a ‘living hell’.

Watch the moment a paraglider makes a safe landing only to then be attacked by a kangaroo. Straya!

This small group of kids started an impromptu haka in tribute to two of their peers slain in the Christchurch shooting. Soon they were joined by scores of fellow students to form a deafening chorus.

Actor Jason Momoa has delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations, addressing the 'global crisis' of climate change.

Legendary natural historian, David Attenborough, has called out the Australian government in a sobering speech on climate change.

We're live as police surround protesters at a Hong Kong university. It comes after officials threatened to use live rounds against them as clashes intensify dramatically

The moment @SenatorWong  heard the majority of Australians said 'Yes' to same-sex marriage. #ssm2017