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Instructing my players to never, ever bite on a Jared Goff play fake

Rams’ 17th string kicker can’t convert 44-yard field goal in revenge game

Settling in for my warm evening field goal with *puts on bifocals* 2:40 remaining?

You know, if the Saints aren't using Jameis Winston....


Sure, Kap can actually complete passes at the NFL level, but hard to overstate how valuable Tom Savage's anthem standing is to this team.

Just release NCAA 21 with the NCAA 14 game engine and graphics. We don't care.

Kirk Cousins so upset about a third down sack he tries to blow up a propane tank

Mallett film: Maybe worst thrower in the NFL. Straight up can't make plays. Zero creativity/movement. Stood the hell out of the Anthem tho.

There was an NFL team that decided it would rather pay a T.V. announcer $100 million guaranteed than Khalil Mack $90 million guaranteed.

Fresh off beating Roger Federer at 1AM ET, John Millman says he has a 7AM fantasy draft and is unsure if he should select Todd Gurley or Le’Veon Bell.

A non-comprehensive list of things to happen in Steelers/Bengals.

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