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Big night for Warnie
Big night for Warnie


“Cancer isn’t at all funny, but a big part of dealing with it has been finding the funny parts,” Mark Twain Prize for American Humor winner @OfficialJLD said https://t.co/BWmjhRKJfw
Find out why #XFactor contestant @Armedvocalist is so ANGRY after his elimination 😱 Click here to watch the full episode of heat's Big Night In for more JUICY goss: https://t.co/aeuCal7iS2
Get ready for a Lancôme spooky chic halloween.

STEP 1: Cut Crease Palette https://t.co/CiL6hdeSvg
STEP 2: Mr Big Water https://t.co/mE2XHJStTY
STEP 3: L'Absolu Rouge: https://t.co/IGl7PAqa2D
STEP 4: Fix it Forget it Spray: https://t.co/Emht7ZpXEL
I’m so thankful for this life. Mexico you treated us with such love.

America + Canada you have big shoes to fill but I believe in you.

Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland, England and Mexico thank you a million times for filling my heart with these sold out gigs.
“My husband and I both spent a bit of time looking for a ring that felt like a meaningful commemoration. We’re both big antique jewelry fans, so we knew we wanted an antique.” https://t.co/Hv6VUsWXlN
Thank you to @markslaughter33 for an incredible show in the #WolfDen last night!
A married couple on The #XFactor panel?! Love Island's Eyal Booker and The X Factor's Armstrong Martins have some STRONG views on Robbie and Ayda being judges this year. Watch the full episode of heat's Big Night In at 5pm
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