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Richard Murphy

Economic justice campaigner. Professor of Accounting Practice, Sheffield University. Chartered accountant. Political economist.

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The Treasury is not ‘bailing out’ the BoE for QE losses. Instead the BoE, on Treasury instruction, is selling bonds at an undervalue because of the misplaced desire to force up interest rates. This claim by the @FT  is wrong. There is just bad policy.

Lesley Riddoch: My message to the independence movement tonight Very well said

Michael Gove has not turned up for the @BBCr4today  programme. Is he checking his lines?

The demand for Scottish independence is not going away, however hard England tries to out obstacles in its way

Another step on the way to global tax co-ordination Seventeen years after I co-authored the first call for the UN to be a global tax authority the move might be under way

How did we get to the point where there is no legal way for a refugee to apply to get into the UK and no legal way for a Scotland to leave it? The two are very clearly connected by the power structures that created both situations.

Sometime the whole corrupt edifice of the two-party political hierarchy in Westminster is going to collapse The two party system can only abuse people for so long. And then they will say ‘no’.

Why are so many strikes planned? Of course it’s partly about pay. But there is more to it than that. People feel alienated, ignored, and even despised by a government that only serves rentier capitalists. Decent people feel like the dispossessed in this country, so they strike.

As I’ve long argued, the UK government facilitates fraud and increases the tax gap by failing to regulate companies in the UK. It’s almost as if they want corruption to flourish. No wonder we’re a low growth economy. Cheats prosper unrecorded here.


A week ago Johnson was still in the Tory leadership race. This weekend we know he cooperated with the Cabinet Secretary to suppress a massive security leak from Liz Truss’s phone so she could be elected PM. She, of course, knew too. Tory corruption is rampant. They have to go.

The government is going to pay our commercial banks £136 billion of excess interest over the next five years on money the government gifted to them using the QE process. That’s £27bn a year that could be used in the NHS and education. This is outrageous. A thread….

Making sense of energy price rises is important. They’re going to be the cause of a lot of poverty in the UK, soon. So, I’ve been doing some analysis. What follow is a bit simplified, but not too much. What it reveals is that you’re about to be ripped off, massively. A thread….

It’s been reported that the Chancellor’s wife, Akshata Murthy, is not tax domiciled in the UK. This has been confirmed by a statement issued on her behalf. But I think the statement of facts issued by her is wrong. And I also suggest HMRC could challenge this claim. A thread….

Yesterday was bad. It was, in fact, very, very bad. If Johnson was a disaster, Truss has set out to be worse. I very much doubt that any prime minister has set out to create so many conflicts from the outset of their premiership in the way that Truss has. A thread….

Those close to the government appear to be realising that UK households have no chance of surviving the coming winter with fuel bills forecast to rise to £4,000 or more a year. But the plan they're looking at is dire. A thread....

If you want to know who is paying for the Queen’s funeral it is the magic money tree that the Treasury can always shake when it needs a little more cash. They could also use it to tackle problems in the NHS, education, social care and so much else. They just choose not to….

I still don’t understand why the royal family did not ask people to donate money to charity instead of buying flowers. Food banks can do with all the help they can get right now.

Jeremy Hunt is saying we cannot max out the national credit card this morning. This is total nonsense. There is no national credit card. Instead it’s the job of government to make the money we use. And since it can always make that money it can never max out on credit.