Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy

Tax justice campaigner. Professor of International Political Economy, City, University of London. Chartered accountant. Co-founder of the Green New Deal.

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‘Pingdemic’: nearly 700,000 contacted by NHS Covid app in one week But cases are going down? Pull the other one….

US economic growth weaker than expected in second quarter via It was what I expecte @FinancialTimes . Economies just don’t bounce back as some naively expected. That’s because they’re made up of real, still worried, people.

The Scottish parliament must take a stand against the farcical Queen’s consent rule | Andy Wightman Well said @andywightman 

The world cannot afford the attitude of companies like Shell Profit cannot come before climate, but many will argue otherwise. There is one heck of a fight to come

Is the UK back in lockdown? Voluntary lockdown suggests that some people have far more sense than the government

Am I the only person beginning to think there is a decidedly subversive theme to the opening night of the Proms?

I just signed the petition calling on @patel4witham  to scrap plans that could jail reporters for stories that embarrass the government. Will you sign too? via @38_degrees 

I did three years of Latin at school. My entire achievement was to learn Caecilius est in horto, which was of zero use to me then, and ever since. So what is reintroducing Latin about? Snobbery. And that is all. Another Tory shibboleth to divide society


How many times this week will we hear the lie that the government has borrowed £300bn to pay for Covid? It hasn’t. It has issued debt, but then immediately repurchased it using new money created by the Bank of England. This debt has already been repaid in that case, for good.

The government gave some staff in the NHS a pay rise yesterday, and then said that the cost must come out of existing NHS budgets. It refused a pay rise to the police. It’s as if they’re saying there is a shortage of money. There isn’t. A thread’s needed to explain that…..

The image of male police fighting women whose simple wish is to be safe on the streets is not one that is going to be easy to erase from the memory.

We have just had another week when the media has obsessed about what they call the UK’s national debt. There has been wringing of hands. The handcart in which we will all go to hell has been oiled. And none of this is necessary. So this is a thread on what you really need to know

The idea that national insurance should pay for the increased cost of social care for the elderly is hideous. It reveals that the government does not know how tax works, how the economy functions, or how tax impacts inequality. A thread……

Robert Jenrick confirms on Sky that after 19 July (he hopes) masks will be voluntary. It seems he has never appreciated that masks are to protect other people, not the wearer. So now my well-being is not going to be protected by those who decide to be selfish. That’s Tory policy.

How do we deal with having a corrupt government in the UK? The first thing to do is name it. Don’t say it is hopeless, or incompetent, or gaff-prone, because it is none of those things. It’s corruptly using power to advance the self-interest of those running it. It is corrupt.

Who was responsible for investigating Vote Leave election fraud allegations? Cressida Dick. Just consider that…….

Has anyone ever seen a set of accounts explaining where £37 billion of test and trace money has gone, or why?