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And in other Bond movie news, Russian Elite Given Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine Since April

Lebanon’s pm says 2750 TONS of stored ammonium nitrate (like a huge fertilizer bomb) ripped through Beirut. Now concerns about fumes in a city with blown out windows and doors.

Promising news out of UK on treatment and vaccine research. Lancet says Oxford vaccine candidate: “The early stage trial finds that the vaccine is safe, causes few side effects, and induces strong immune responses in both parts of the immune system”

So many questions about beirut. Why was cargo (tons and tons of ammonium nitrate) siezed from a ship in distress? Why kept at all? Why kept for so long at port? And what caused it to blow downtown beirut skyhigh?

Richard Engel: Kids with special needs are not OK right now. Coming up on @TODAYshow ⁩

In all the debate about when and how to open schools, many special needs families feel they’re an afterthought, and children like Henry are missing the treatments they desperately need.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. @MaryKForrest ⁩ and I are so happy that so many families are seeing their story in ours. From Henry, thanks!!!

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US officials tell me ALARM BELL RINGING among diplomats in DC that U.S. could one day be held responsible for Crimes Against Humanity for ethnic cleansing of Syrian Kurds by opening the door to it, watching it, encouraging it (Trump's tweets and statements) and not stopping it.

Syria Kurdish official told us, reacting to Trump’s overnight decision.  “The Americans are traitors. They have abandoned us to a Turkish massacre. We can no longer fight against isis and have to defend ourselves. This could allow isis to return to the region.”

Massive attacks underway against the kurds in northern syria. No ceasefire. Total nonsenses there is. US military officials tell me they are ashamed, “sickened.” It’s cold now outside. What about the families, and kids, out of their homes? @OARichardEngel  #AmericanBetrayal 

I’ve long worried how Trump would react when forced into a corner/ nervous/angry. For 3 years, he’s mostly gotten his way - passing though impeachment proceedings and various scandals; but times could be changing and reaching a head. The signs look dangerous.

One of the centerpieces of the London protests. Trump on a golden commode, and it talks, says “fake news” and “witch hunt”