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Rich O'Toole
i dont care what you think i love taylor swift
I don’t care what you think. I love Taylor Swift.

Health / Wellness

Joel Osteen
youve been in the background long enough youve served faithfully helped others without any recognition done th
You’ve been in the background long enough. You’ve served faithfully, helped others without any recognition, done the right thing when people didn’t give you credit. Your time is coming.
Book Of Proverbs
god is great and you have nothing to fear with him on your side
God is great and you have nothing to fear with Him on your side.
Bible Time
@Bible_Time 26 minutes
you re not a failure until you stop trying if you have no other testimony you have this one i m still here
You're not a failure until you stop trying. If you have no other testimony you have this one: "I'm still here."
Faith In God
rt if you praise and honor him
RT: If you Praise and Honor Him.
God's Love
thank you lord
Thank you Lord.
@CPRE 2 hours
urgent there s a debate in parliament this thursday fast tracked fracking could still go ahead despite huge pu
URGENT: There's a #fracking debate in parliament this Thursday. Fast-tracked fracking could still go ahead, despite huge public opposition. This is our best chance to give MPs a say & to fight for them to be dropped

Write to your MP to ask them to attend:
Inspirational Quotes
trust before you love know before you judge commit before you promise forgive before you forget appreciate bef
Trust before you love.
Know before you judge.
Commit before you promise.
Forgive before you forget.
Appreciate before you regret.
in god we will be strong psalm 60 12
In God we will be strong - Psalm 60:12
look young forever exercise moisturize green tea silk sheets drink water sleep naked feed your face wear sunsc
Look Young Forever!!
Green Tea
Silk Sheets
Drink Water
Sleep Naked
Feed Your Face
Wear Sunscreen
Wear Eye Cream
Don't Skimp on Sleep
Keep Stress Under Control
Follow a Solid Skincare Routine
Quit Smoking Cigarettes or Never Start
for many this man is the voice of nature now we need people to listen
For many, this man is the voice of nature.
Now, we need people to listen.

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michelle obama s book becoming has now sold 10 million copies have you read it if so what did you think let us
Michelle Obama's book 'Becoming' has now sold 10 million copies. Have you read it? If so, what did you think? Let us know.
Inspirational Quotes
don t judge me based on your perception your jealousy or what you would do i don t live my life for you i live
Don't judge me based on YOUR perception, your jealousy, or what you would do. I don't live my life for you. I live my life for ME.
s friend joanna puts the laila is celebrating everyday heroes with care this month what about you record a vi
.@TheRealLailaAli's friend Joanna puts the #HerInHERO. Laila is celebrating everyday heroes with CARE this month. What about you? Record a video and tell the world who puts the for you. Make ! Learn mo#March4Womenre about our work:
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