Centre Court / Wimbledon

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Centre Court / Wimbledon

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TWO @IEBCKenya  Abducted/ arrested outside Bomas Please @DCI_Kenya  Boss Kinoti give up! Release 1. Gidion Balang... IEBC manager electoral operations . duty coordinator of verification process in Bomas 2, Ben kimwei,IEBC coordinator training,Duty supervisor verification team

Love how the new spin is that it’s not Trump’s fault because he thought his coup was going to be successful and then when it wasn’t he didn’t have enough time to pack. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Poor guy!

For 76 years, Trump has used a combination of wealth, privilege, obstruction, lies, and high priced lawyers to avoid consequences for his crimes, incompetence and general hatefulness. That period is coming to an end. His last years will be unlike any he's experienced so far.

ICYMI: The Brno observatory in Czech Republic showcases inflatable models of the Sun, Earth, Moon and Mars which glow at night

Salman Rushdie off ventilator and condition improving, Agent Says

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With Russia's invasion of Ukraine entering its sixth month, some fear the long-term result will be an environmental disaster

The directors of Britain's water companies should face "personal legal action" over "the catastrophic damage they've done to the environment in England", according to environmental campaigner @Feargal_Sharkey . Do you agree? @emilysheffield 

Delhi | Bronze National Emblem cast on the roof of the New Parliament Building, lit up in tricolour on the eve of 76th Independence Day of country

Karen Brook Tier 2 Tallying Well Done Milton Nyakundi, Irene Odinga and William Odinga. You tried. Now Give Up. The forms you are hopeful about HNIB agents can provide from our Tally Centre. Msichoke sana....

Bill Clinton lost the nuclear codes when he was in office. - per ABC News.