Two cases of Omicron variant detected in Canada, govt says

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Newsmax Chief White House Correspondent@JamesRosenTV  presses Biden on a striking statistic about Americans' concern for his mental acuity, to which the president simply says "I have no idea."

There is so much to say about Pres Biden's presser. The thing that sticks w/ me is that he took responsibility for mistakes he believes he made, expressed genuine frustration w/ COVID & his agenda being stalled by GOP and Democrats & took hard questions without insulting folks.

Well, it's over. I mean his presidency.

I would say that this Joe Biden press conference is akin to a monkey f***ing a volleyball, but that would be an insult to monkeys that f*** volleyballs.

Biden has now topped longest news conferences by Trump (1 hr 26 mins) and Obama (1 hr 27 mins).

Time's up. No apparent intervention from any court. Now we wait to see if NARA or the Jan. 6 committee acknowledge the transfer of documents.

Mexico registers a record number of new Covid-19 cases Wednesday — more than double the amount seen in previous waves — as the omicron variant extends its spread through the country

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Jen Psaki picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Biden says he thinks Putin will "move in" on Ukraine

"They watched those remarks in horror." Ukrainian officials to CNN regarding Biden's remarks.