Trump Train / Secret

If you’ve been aboard the Trump Train the last 7 years, you’ve been given an unexpected stop. Time to get off. Wherever you think this is going, it’s not. Trump stole Top Secret documents. He’s put a target on the backs of cops. This is getting ugly. Don’t be in the wreckage.

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Trump Train / Secret

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The racist attack on Mitch McConnell’s wife is awful. Awful. And remember she was a member of Trump’s cabinet.

"Putin, like Stalin, believes that his sinister, unbalanced idea of collective glory matters more than the prosperity, well-being, happiness, and even physical existence of ordinary Russians." @anneapplebaum  writes:

It would probably be good to have a broader national conversation about which fields, in particular, generate large social value from boosting participation among underrepresented groups. Claim here is that more Black men teaching would have big benefits.

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Danish prime minister briefs Liz Truss on Nord Stream pipeline 'sabotage'

How domestic abuse has bearing on physical and mental health of a woman. Watch#Health360  with @snehamordani  : #ITVideo 

less than 24 hours after putin annexes the ukrainian city of lyman:

Spellbinding, though, this sequel is not. Hocus Pocus 2 doesn’t hit the extremes that made the original a critical flop, but such an enduring rewatch. It’s less menacing.

Shashi Tharoor said he will work to change the organisational structure of the #Congress