Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS

Representative for AZ’s 4th District, Chairman of @WesternCaucus, Republican Leader of Energy & Minerals @NatResources. #BuildTheWall #MAGA ??

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Biden’s vaccine mandate & censorship are enforced by a government monopoly on violence. Such a mandate cannot be effective without violent enforcement - It’s not conspiratorial. This is the inevitable trajectory of imminent vaccine enforcement:

Just met with the Masada Charter School 5th Graders. I was so impressed by their bright young minds. Everyone received a pocket Constitution and a handshake. Invest in our children. They are our future.

On this day, 234 years ago 39 men signed what is still the greatest political document of all time. It wasn’t written to restrict citizen’s behavior. It was written to restrict government’s behavior. Happy #ConstitutionDay ! 📃 Read it here.

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Didn’t we pass “Right to Try?”

There is an invasion occurring at our southern border.

The defense of the politically persecuted is real and necessary. But the overreaction of law enforcement leadership to this rally is a joke.

@FordFischer  Hello @FordFisher . My support of Looking Forward America & @MattBraynard  remains unwavering. My comment is on the blatantly over-the-top response by leadership for law enforcement. People have a right to protest without a 100-1 law enforcement presence. This is pure intimidation

@JoeBiden  stay out of people’s bank accounts.


The transfer of $3.5 million from the former Mayor of Moscow to Hunter Biden is a tangible, verifiable transaction.

I will be voting NO on the resolution to impeach the president. The vandals and rioters who interrupted my floor motion and speech and prevented me from completing the official business of the House are solely responsible for their actions, not the President.

Let’s get this straight, Nancy Pelosi impeached @realDonaldTrump  for withholding aid from Ukraine, and now she’s withholding aid from the American people.

He’s had our back for four years. It’s time to have his. Retweet if you agree. @realDonaldTrump  #ElectionResults2020 

If you let politicians break the law during an emergency, they will create an emergency in order to break the law.

So we have the ability to trace interactions between individuals with COVID-19 but not Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile ring?

BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump  announces freeze on funding for the World Health Organization.

15,000,000 people in Texas without water. Food lines. Maybe. Just maybe. The national guard in DC could go where they are needed instead of patrolling the Rayburn Building looking for ghosts.

China lied, the mainstream media complied, and people died.