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via @nytimes  A good member of Congress in a caucus gone hay wire and mired in American/Trumpian division and disinformation. With accreditation to Paul Simon,”Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio.”

Dr. King’s dream inspired a movement that continues today, but the concerted effort to curb voting rights at the state level shows just how far from his dream we have strayed.

We must continue MLK’s work to protect voting rights, eliminate poverty, end unfair policing practices, expand healthcare access, and ensure workers’ right to organize. As he said in Memphis the night before he was killed, “We have an opportunity to make America a better nation.”

@PresElectBiden  followed through on making more COVID tests available. You can request four free rapid tests per household, shipped to your door, in less than 30 seconds.

NOTE: If you live in an apartment and run into issues with ordering on , try including your apartment number in the FIRST address line or put APT in front of it. You can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS to get your home correctly categorized as multi-unit.

If you’re privately insured, you can now also get up to 8 home tests per individual per month at zero cost to you. Most public and private plans will cover lab tests for free. Millions of free tests are also being distributed to community health centers, clinics and schools.

Spread the word to your friends and family about free COVID tests. Anyone who does not have access to the internet can call the hotline 1-800-232-0233 to request their home test kits.


This measure calls upon @HouseJudDems  to open an inquiry into AG Barr under the same House rules applied during the #ImpeachmentInquiryinto  President Trump last year. Congress is a co-equal branch of government and must hold #BillBarraccountable .

After comments on #Charlottesville  , I'll be introducing Articles of #Impeachment  against #Trump . No good Nazis or Klansmen! #ImpeachTrump 

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The media needs to stop acting like the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act is some incomprehensible expenditure. It’s over TEN years. The defense budget over 10 years would be well over $7 trillion.

Today, I introduced #HRes1032 , which would authorize an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Barr. He has politicized the DOJ, undermined the rule of law, abused his power, obstructed justice & violated the first amendment. He is not fit to be Attorney General. #ImpeachBarr 

The Arctic ground temperature was 118° F last weekend. Air temps in the Arctic were over 100° for the first time in recorded history last year, and today it's 116° in Portland and 105° in Seattle. The #ClimateCrisis  is unfolding before our eyes. We need more than half measures.

Two of the last times Mississippi asked for an issue to be left up to the states were slavery and segregation. Mississippi was wrong then and it’s wrong today. We must protect women’s right to choose.

Ben Franklin and my father had something in common unfortunately. Each chose not to vaccinate his child when he could have. Franklin's son died of smallpox and I've lived with polio's effects since age 5. Both men regretted their decisions the rest of their lives. #GetVaccinated 

I’m urging President Biden to rescind fast-track approval for the #ByhaliaPipeline . The pipeline will cut through mostly Black neighborhoods in south #Memphis  and could pose a serious threat to Memphians’ drinking water & property rights. It’s a matter of #EnvironmentalJustice .