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Steve Cohen

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Today, Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch confirmed what I told @AlexWitt  last month, Trump and Giuliani pressured the State Department to remove her. She’s a courageous public servant, like the #Whistleblower  and all who speak out against Trump’s corrupt #Coverup 

In February, @HouseDemocrats  passed H.R. 1112, which would close the #Charleston  Loophole and prevent dangerous individuals like Dylan Roof from purchasing a weapon. @SenMajLdr  Mitch McConnell still hasn’t held a vote. #Enough  #EndGunViolence 

The @FBI  believes that, in 2018 alone, this loophole allowed at least 3,960 weapons to be sold to people who wouldn’t have been able to pass a background test. Dangerous individuals are able to continue exploiting the gaps in our gun laws b/c @SenateGOP  won’t act. #EnoughIsEnough 

1.6% is not nearly enough of an adjustment. #SocialSecurity  checks are growing slower than inflation & seniors are suffering. I’m proud to cosponsor the Social Security 2100 Act, which would #ExpandSocialSecurity  benefits & help millions of retirees.

I think Trump is unraveling and getting desperate. He’s doing everything he can to undermine our #Constitution ’s checks and balances. He knows that if he actually complied with our subpoenas and turned over evidence he’d be done for. #ImpeachmentInquiry 


Under oath Lewandowski told me he had taken dictation from Trump many times. He told #Mueller  he had only done so once. He lied to one of us. Lying under oath is a crime. Lying to the FBI is a crime. Lewandowski didn’t come to tell the truth. He came to perpetuate a #CoverUp .

After comments on #Charlottesville  , I'll be introducing Articles of #Impeachment  against #Trump . No good Nazis or Klansmen! #ImpeachTrump 

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White House officials don’t think we are giving Attorney General Bill Barr enough respect. I don’t think #ChickenBarr  deserves any respect. He has misled Congress and the public, abused his office for political purposes, and trampled on the #Constitution . #CultureOfCorruption 

I’m pleased that 135 @HouseDemocrats  support an impeachment inquiry, but we're beyond the stage of simply having an inquiry. There's no question he's violated the #Constitution  & committed innumerable impeachable offenses and he should be impeached. It’s time for action.

When the President won’t follow the law or abide by the #Constitution , #Impeachment  is the only path. Trump won’t acknowledge any restraints on his power. He’ll continue to violate the law until we act. #ImpeachmentInvestigationInvestigation 

On the first day if the new Congress, I introduced Constitutional amendments to limit a president’s pardon power & to eliminate the Electoral College. I also introduced a bill on medical marijuana. See my press releases here: &