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I should have closed tweet with , “Trump doesn’t measure up well against Tyler.”

In 2011, I introduced a bill to let each state display a statue honoring a great woman or person of color from their state in the Capitol Building. I’m planning to reintroduce this bill soon. America is a melting pot & our #diversity  should be reflected in the halls of Congress.

COVID-19 cases are spiking in #Tennessee  because state officials ignored public health recommendations & moved to rapidly reopen the economy. It’s too early to return to normal. Please #WearAMask  & practice #SocialDistancing . #Coronavirus  #Memphis 

Today, I introduced #HRes1032 , which would authorize an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Barr. He has politicized the DOJ, undermined the rule of law, abused his power, obstructed justice & violated the first amendment. He is not fit to be Attorney General. #ImpeachBarr 

This measure calls upon @HouseJudDems  to open an inquiry into AG Barr under the same House rules applied during the #ImpeachmentInquiryinto  President Trump last year. Congress is a co-equal branch of government and must hold #BillBarraccountable .

The Declaration of Independence says that all men are created with certain unalienable rights, but those rights were not extended to African Americans. To this day, many people are not treated equally in our country. We must continue working to become a more perfect union. #BLM 

The #MovingForward  Act will be particularly beneficial to #Memphis , which is a national distribution center & home to the 2nd largest cargo airport in the world. Funding from this bill will allow for critical #infrastructure  improvements. This is a major victory for our city.

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Release of Full Mueller Report // justice delayed is justice denied #Trump  #SupremeCourt 


Under oath Lewandowski told me he had taken dictation from Trump many times. He told #Mueller  he had only done so once. He lied to one of us. Lying under oath is a crime. Lying to the FBI is a crime. Lewandowski didn’t come to tell the truth. He came to perpetuate a #CoverUp .

After comments on #Charlottesville  , I'll be introducing Articles of #Impeachment  against #Trump . No good Nazis or Klansmen! #ImpeachTrump 

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White House officials don’t think we are giving Attorney General Bill Barr enough respect. I don’t think #ChickenBarr  deserves any respect. He has misled Congress and the public, abused his office for political purposes, and trampled on the #Constitution . #CultureOfCorruption 

I’m pleased that 135 @HouseDemocrats  support an impeachment inquiry, but we're beyond the stage of simply having an inquiry. There's no question he's violated the #Constitution  & committed innumerable impeachable offenses and he should be impeached. It’s time for action.