Rep. Barbara Lee

Rep. Barbara Lee

Progressive Democrat representing the #EastBay. Promoting justice for all, peace, & human rights. @ProChoiceCaucus Co-Chair. Proud member of the #resistance.

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Over 40 million people are unemployed. Families are struggling – and it will only get worse the longer Trump and McConnell delay desperately needed relief. It’s past time to pass the #HeroesAct .

Forcing people to pay fees and fines before they can vote is just a modern-day poll tax to suppress the poor and communities of color. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard.

Is anyone surprised that the man who has tried to enact 3 separate “Muslim Bans” hired someone with a history of Islamophobic comments?

Quarantine is taking a huge toll on mental health. Now more than ever, it's critical we prioritize our health and wellness – both physical and mental. If you need support or help, reach out to a friend, loved one, or professional. #MentalHealthAwareness 

I'm alarmed Beijing is flagrantly violating the commitments it made to respect the rights of people in Hong Kong. They are exploiting the pandemic to impose draconian laws that violate basic rights.

Our country has lost 100,000 people to the COVID pandemic. They are overwhelmingly our nation’s vulnerable – the poor, the elderly, and people of color. As we mourn, we have to address the inequalities that blocked so many from the care they needed.

What does it say that the wealthiest nation in the world has millions of families struggling to get by? If we can afford to spend $6 trillion on useless wars, we can afford to lift people out of poverty.

Happy Birthday, @SierraClub ! Thank you for your tireless work to advance green policies and ensure #EnvironmentalJustice  for all! I'm so proud to have your national headquarters in the #EastBay .


Senator Graham, you should be ashamed. Your state had 164 recorded lynchings, and your words disrespect and belittle African Americans and lynching victims. This is absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful!

The tear-gassing of women and children at the border is an atrocity. It’s a violation of human rights. And it is a grotesque betrayal of our founding promise, as a nation built by immigrants. I’ve called for inspectors on the border, and I reiterate that call today.

. just passed a bill that will strip nutrition assistance from millions and take school lunches away from hundreds of thousands of school kids. Because after giving trillions in tax breaks for billionaires, has decided it’s too expensive to feed hungry kids.

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I was there and saw first-hand children in prison, sleeping on cement floors, crying for their parents. All while you’re insisting nothing is happening. Shame on you!

#PhilandoCastile was shot in cold blood. The world watched it LIVE. What will it take for the justice system to value Black lives?

Ryan stripped my 01 AUMF repeal amdt from DOD Approps in the dead of night. This is underhanded & undemocratic. The people deserve a debate!

As a single mother who relied on food stamps to help feed my boys, I can’t overstate how offensive this proposal is. Low-income families need more access to fresh produce & healthy foods, not less.

The horrors just don’t stop. Everyone who had a hand in the current migrant detention policies should resign.