Rep. Barbara Lee

Rep. Barbara Lee

Progressive Democrat representing the #EastBay. Promoting justice for all, peace, & human rights. @ProChoiceCaucus Co-Chair. Proud member of the #resistance.

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Trump's racist policy slams the door in the face of refugees, and is an affront to our values as a nation. #RefugeesWelcome 

These brave young leaders of color are paving the way on #ClimateChange . We must keep working to stop climate change, and undo the harmful disparities on communities of color.

More than 20 years later, our nation still mourns the loss of #MatthewShepard . Yet to this day, the #LGBTQ  community especially queer POC, STILL face violence and hatred in our country. It's past time to ensure equality and human rights for all. #LGBTQHistoryMonthHistoryMonth 

HYDE DISPROPORTIONATELY AFFECTS PEOPLE OF COLOR. No one should be denied abortion care because of their income. Abortion care is health care and health care is a human right. It's time to #BeBoldEndHyde !

On #IndigenousPeoplesDay , let us recognize the historic struggles and immeasurable contributions of all Native Americans and continue to fight to protect their rights.

Not only is Trump's ineffective border wall a racist and xenophobic waste of taxpayer funds, it's also harming our environment. We must keep fighting to protect our environment and ensure humane treatment of families seeking a new life. #NoWall 

The question is simple: is it acceptable for a President to pressure a foreign government and undermine our elections? I say no, and that is why I support impeachment. @HouseDemocrats  will hold this president accountable. No one is above the law. #TruthExposed 

To the silence breakers - Tarana Burke, Chanel Miller, Cyntoia Brown, Aly Raisman, Anita Hill, Christine Blasey Ford, farm workers, housekeepers, restaurant servers & more - thank you. We won't back down until all are safe from violence! #MeToo  #TIMESUP 

The #CollegeAffordabilityAct : - Lowers the cost of college for students and families - Holds schools’ accountable for students’ success - Grants students of color scholarships through the new Ron Dellums STEAM program. Learn more:

Open enrollment for @CoveredCA  begins today! Don’t wait to get health insurance for you and your family in 2020. Under new changes, more Californians qualify for financial assistance than ever. Sign up and get more information here ➡️


The tear-gassing of women and children at the border is an atrocity. It’s a violation of human rights. And it is a grotesque betrayal of our founding promise, as a nation built by immigrants. I’ve called for inspectors on the border, and I reiterate that call today.

. just passed a bill that will strip nutrition assistance from millions and take school lunches away from hundreds of thousands of school kids. Because after giving trillions in tax breaks for billionaires, has decided it’s too expensive to feed hungry kids.

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I was there and saw first-hand children in prison, sleeping on cement floors, crying for their parents. All while you’re insisting nothing is happening. Shame on you!

#PhilandoCastile was shot in cold blood. The world watched it LIVE. What will it take for the justice system to value Black lives?

The horrors just don’t stop. Everyone who had a hand in the current migrant detention policies should resign.

Ryan stripped my 01 AUMF repeal amdt from DOD Approps in the dead of night. This is underhanded & undemocratic. The people deserve a debate!

As a single mother who relied on food stamps to help feed my boys, I can’t overstate how offensive this proposal is. Low-income families need more access to fresh produce & healthy foods, not less.

50 years ago, Americans walked on the Moon for the first time. This wouldn't have been possible without the work of Katherine Johnson, Dr. Christine Darden, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and hundreds of other @NASA  women. #HiddenFigures  #Apollo50th  #Apollo11 

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To recap, in the past 48 hours, Trump has pushed us to the brink of a government shutdown, had his Secretary of Defense resign, and abruptly changed the direction of our Syria policy via Twitter, without consulting his aides or cabinet. This is a White House in chaos.