Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff

Representing California's 28th Congressional District and Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee.

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Holding Steve Bannon in criminal contempt was an early test of our democracy’s recovery. Now, it is in the hands of the Department of Justice. To do justice.

It’s a simple question with a simpler answer: Was the 2020 election stolen from Donald Trump? No. Unequivocally no. But Republicans are so beholden to their disgraced demagogue that they dare not speak the truth. They are an authoritarian cult. And a danger to our democracy.

Thanks for the shout-out, Mr. Former President. As for your statement that the attack on the Capitol would never have happened if “the people in charge had done their job” You do realize that you were in charge on January 6th? Right? Just checking.

History will not be kind to today’s Republican Party. A party whose members endorse sedition. A party that lionizes insurrectionists. A party that eagerly blocks progress on everything from climate to health care. So much for the party of Lincoln.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the reconciliation debate. But chances are you haven’t heard what’s actually IN the bill: - Paid family medical leave. - Childcare. - Lower drug prices. - Expanded Medicare. - Climate action. And so much more. Enough noise. Let’s get it done.

A minority can use the Electoral College to elect a president who loses the popular vote. A minority can gerrymander control of the House. A minority can stop the majority from governing the Senate. Does that sound like a successful democracy to you?


Donald Trump must be convicted and removed from office. Because he will always choose his own personal interest over our national interest. Because in America, right matters. Truth matters. If not, no Constitution can protect us. If not, we are lost.

After listening to the President’s lawyers opening arguments, I have three observations: They don’t contest the facts of Trump’s scheme. They’re trying to deflect, distract from, and distort the truth. And they are continuing to cover it up by blocking documents and witnesses.

Listen, I’m all for space exploration and it must have been an amazing view. But maybe – and I’m just spitballing here – if Amazon and other companies paid their fair share in taxes, we could lift all kids — if not into space — at least out of poverty. Sincerely, Earthlings

Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his illicit Russian contacts. His lies do not now become truths. This dismissal does not exonerate him. But it does incriminate Bill Barr. In the worst politicization of the Justice Department in its history.

Let’s not overcomplicate this: Republicans passed a $2 trillion tax cut for billionaires and corporations. And now they’re refusing to pay for it. It’s really that simple.

Trump’s personal lawyer: Guilty. Trump’s campaign manager: Guilty. Trump’s deputy campaign manager: Guilty. Trump’s National Security Advisor: Guilty. Trump’s political advisor: Guilty. And now, Trump’s chief strategist: Indicted. A pattern of lies, graft and corruption.