Episcopal / Trump

‘Antithetical to everything we stand for’: Episcopal bishop ‘outraged’ police tear-gassed protesters so Trump could use ‘our church as a prop’

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Episcopal / Trump

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YES! What DID this unelected private citizen, Joe Biden, DO about crime in American cities this weekend? the Trump campaign asks. Meanwhile, the actual President tweeted that a black NASCAR driver should apologize to white drivers. That’s what HE did about it.

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JUST IN: Melbourne, Australia's second biggest city, goes into lockdown amid surge in coronavirus cases.

TikTok says stopping app operation in Hong Kong: AFP news agency

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said on Monday that international students currently in the U.S. whose classes become fully online have to transfer to a school with in-person classes or depart the country

Perspective: Americans gave up a lot to stop the pandemic. Our leaders wasted that sacrifice.

I'll respect a person's "right" to not wear a mask, if that same person in turn will agree NOT to go to our hospitals and infect innocent heath care givers when they get sick. Deal?

Dear Black Lives Matter, you do not have a constitutional right to impede the flow of traffic and terrorize motorists.

Kanye West's Yeezy brand got millions in federal small business loans

#WATCH Indian Air Force (IAF) Apache attack helicopter at a forward airbase near India-China border carrying out night operations.

"We are leading in the number of cases and leading in the number deaths, but that is not where I want to be number one," says Dr. Ashish Jha about the White House's claim that the US is "a leader" in the fight against Covid-19. "There is a lot we can do to turn this around."