Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul

U.S. Senator for Kentucky | I fight for the Constitution, individual liberty and the freedoms that make this country great.

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My Penny Plan for Infrastructure would ensure more of your hard-earned tax dollars are allocated to infrastructure projects right here in your communities, not sent overseas or spent on wasteful programs. Read more here:

From law professor and Chairman of the Board of the Federalist Society Steven G. Calabresi: House Democrats Violate The 6th Amendment By Denying Trump A Public Trial | The Daily Caller

hey James Clapper, your lying to Congress about warrantless mass surveillance of Americans put a chilling effect on truthful congressional testimony!

Today is #VeteransDay , the day where our Nation honors the women and men who have stepped forward and answered when our nation has called.

As such, we owe them and their families a depth of gratitude for their sacrifice and dedication to the principles of our country, which extends beyond platitudes. They will hear the saying, “Thank you for your service” many times today.

While this is a more than appropriate expression of gratitude encourage you all to do more. I encourage you thank a veteran through your actions as well as your words. Remember, these men and women have sacrificed some of the best years of their lives on our behalf.

So, I ask you to simply take pause and reflect on this, and to be the best American you can be. Embrace the principles and values which our veterans defended. Be engaged citizens. Be the best teacher, mechanics, bankers, lawyers, or doctors that you can.

Attempt to understand that when a young man or woman is forced to come of age under fire, that this is something they will never get back. Through that I ask that we be thoughtful and deliberate before we ask them to fight on foreign soil. Let us live by their example.

So in remembrance of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when the guns fell silent and of all those who served our nation on land, sea, in the skies, or the outer reaches of space, let us as a country thank them all by giving their sacrifice meaning.


I call on Congress to have the courage to immediately subpoena both Hunter Biden and the whistleblower!

Time to investigate high ranking Obama government officials who might have colluded to prevent the election of ! This could be WORSE than Watergate!

We don’t let kids drink alcohol til 21. People want to move smoking age to 21. But we will allow a 7 year old to have his life and body altered like this? This is child abuse and the state should side with the father who is trying to protect the child.”

🚨 The FBI Director just testified in the US Senate. I asked him if phone conversations are getting collected in the FISA database. He wouldn't answer. Is NSA or FBI listening in on our President? We know bad actors exist within intel community. REFORM NEEDED NOW

Disgraceful, extent to which the deep state will go to protect their own. I was in the Oval Office w @realDonaldTrump  when he directed officials to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance. A partisan hack & mouthpiece for the media has no business holding a clearance.Revoke now!

I’m fully supportive of @LindseyGrahamSC  symbolic resolution to condemn the secret impeachment proceedings in the House of Reps. How about the @senjudiciary  actually hold hearings and subpoena witnesses to find out how this hoax got started? Long past due!

Yesterday there was an attempt to incite people by publishing the personal information of Senators - including home addresses- endangering them & their families. This should be investigated & the perpetrators punished. There is too much hatred and violence in politics these days.