#US never bothered to secure its #Pacific  nuclear waste ‘coffin’ from leaks

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Donald, thanks for lying about Morning Joe’s ratings. It gives me the chance to congratulate the entire MJ team for some of our highest ratings in history. Regarding Fox and Friends, Friday’s prelims show that both MJ & F&F had 1.3 million viewers per hour. So that’s a lie, too.

#Exclusive #Breaking | Sushant Singh Rajput's father speaks out; claims he alerted the Mumbai Police on February 25 & cops did not act on the complaint. Listen in. | #SushantJusticeCampaign 

Dozens test positive for Covid-19 on Norwegian cruise ship just weeks after cruise industry restarts

BLM is extorting businesses in Louisville with some insane contract that demands they buy from approved businesses or give 1.5% of net sales to approved NPOs Those that refuse face "repercussions of non-compliance" Cuban Immigrants now rally to resist

"My daughter is dying." UK police dragged a Muslim father from his terminally ill daughter, after doctors said they would stop treating her without family consent. Zainab, 6, died 4 weeks later. Video shows police kicking him, calling him an "animal." He is taking legal action.

More than three years into the Trump presidency and six months into a pandemic, there still isn’t a serious health care plan from the President and the GOP, @JohnAvlon  says. “This is the old arsonist as a firefighter routine, with possibly your life on the line.” #RealityCheck 

“Without John Hume I think it unlikely there would have been peace in Northern Ireland” Former UK PM Tony Blair says “he was one of a handful of people who really made it happen,” remembering former SDLP leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume

Nearly six weeks later, two congressional races in New York remain undecided amid a deluge of mail-in ballots in what could be a harbinger of problems looming in November. "This election is a canary in the coal mine." @jessemckinley ⁩

How many hours did @realDonaldTrump  golf this weekend, as thousands of Americans died?

@KalhanR  reports Pres. Trump's threat to ban TikTok could motivate young voters. "Young people, especially first-time voters, out of these crucial battleground states are already looking to politics. They're very politically engaged and they're ready to vote this November."