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The Chelsea manager has implored the Premier League to make sure clubs start the next season with a level playing field #rtesoccer 

Genoa guaranteed survival on the final day of the season for the second year running #rtesoccer 

Frimpong not worried about Rangers as Celtic bid for 10 begins #RTESoccer  #RTESport 

Red card for deliberate cough at players or officials #RTESoccer  #RTESport 

FIFA and Infantino categorically deny any wrongdoing in relation to the meetings held in 2016 and 2017 with attorney general Michael Lauber

"The fact that we are champions of England, champions of Europe, the Club World Cup, the Super Cup is just an extraordinary accomplishment by this organisation and by these players..."

Mitrovic scored 26 times in the Championship this season, but missed both semi-final legs against Cardiff with a hamstring injury


Shamrock Rovers 1-1 Dundalk - Wow! Jordan Flores scores a goal of the season contender to level things at Tallaght. You'll be watching this goal for years to come. #rtesocer 

"I can talk, you know that for a start. But, can I manage?" Reckon so, Jack. #ripjack  #rtesoccer 

Here is that rallying cry from @thenotoriousMMA  to Ireland ahead of the start of #euro2016 . We are here to take over

James McClean, you absolute dancer. How about that step over from Harry Arter?!? #WALIRL  #RTEsoccer 

Here it is again, in all its glory, without that little streaming stutter. The cross really is a belter too. #rtesoccer 

Roy Keane is confident Robbie Keane will be available on Thursday: "Unless he's breastfeeding he should be alright."

So, that Welsh anthem was impressive. We will post once in Welsh, in their honour #RTEsoccer  #WALIRL 

'I'm still coming to terms with it,' - Jonathan Walters gave an incredibly touching interview on the Late Late Show about the losses he has suffered in his family.

It's the French I feel sorry for. Who will change their tyres, fix their car bonnets and sing lullabies to their kids on the metro now?