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Match report from a historic 11-0 victory for the Republic of Ireland: #IREvGEO  #WorldCup2023 

For Olivia O'Toole it was football first, last and always #webecomeheroes  #rtesoccer  #irlgeo  ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ Or wherever... ⚽ Watch

Dundalk are on the lookout for a new manager again

Just the 20 goals and four hat-trick scorers for England this evening

Marcelo Bielsa's side needed those three points, and had to wait a long time to secure them #rtesoccer 

"The strength of this team, there are players that stand out and catch the eye, but there are so many players that are willing to sacrifice themselves for this team..."

'It feels great to score three goals for your country'

'I've found it a lot more difficult than I thought I would, adapting to a different manager and team-mates'


"I can talk, you know that for a start. But, can I manage?" Reckon so, Jack. #ripjack  #rtesoccer 

Shamrock Rovers 1-1 Dundalk - Wow! Jordan Flores scores a goal of the season contender to level things at Tallaght. You'll be watching this goal for years to come. #rtesocer 

'A marketing strategy for a drinks brand' and 'far worse' - Just why are #Leipzig  and #PSG  so unpopular? @RichieSadlier  explains #RTESoccer  #RTESport  #UCL 

Damien Duff and Richie Sadlier weigh in with their views on UEFA's rainbow stance. #EURO2020  #RTEsoccer 

The game between Shamrock Rovers and Waterford was temporarily delayed as fireworks detonated above the pitch.

Here it is again, in all its glory, without that little streaming stutter. The cross really is a belter too. #rtesoccer 

Irish football journalist @MiguelDelaney  tells @rtenews  that the #Euro2020  final was "the worst policed football match I've been to" and that public drunkenness, open drug use and aggression outside Wembley Stadium made for an intimidating atmosphere.

Katie McCabe is the player of the match... even if her team-mate and partner Ruesha Littlejohn has her doubts 😂 #IRLGEO  #RTEsoccer  📺 📻 📱