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Shamrock Rovers 1-1 Dundalk - Wow! Jordan Flores scores a goal of the season contender to level things at Tallaght. You'll be watching this goal for years to come. #rtesocer 

'A marketing strategy for a drinks brand' and 'far worse' - Just why are #Leipzig  and #PSG  so unpopular? @RichieSadlier  explains #RTESoccer  #RTESport  #UCL 

Here is that rallying cry from @thenotoriousMMA  to Ireland ahead of the start of #euro2016 . We are here to take over

James McClean, you absolute dancer. How about that step over from Harry Arter?!? #WALIRL  #RTEsoccer 

"I can talk, you know that for a start. But, can I manage?" Reckon so, Jack. #ripjack  #rtesoccer 

Here it is again, in all its glory, without that little streaming stutter. The cross really is a belter too. #rtesoccer 

Roy Keane is confident Robbie Keane will be available on Thursday: "Unless he's breastfeeding he should be alright."

So, that Welsh anthem was impressive. We will post once in Welsh, in their honour #RTEsoccer  #WALIRL 

'I'm still coming to terms with it,' - Jonathan Walters gave an incredibly touching interview on the Late Late Show about the losses he has suffered in his family.