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Questions have arisen as to whether this new construction at the base is a response to the recent changes in the situation in Afghanistan or if it is a sign of creeping Chinese penetration into Central Asia.

There have been reports that the shooting occurred only hours after a walk-out by film crew members over various complaints about working conditions.

"All athletes must receive a fair chance to compete and demonstrate their best abilities in the ring,.." the Amateur International Boxing Association said. "Sport is intended to unite people and should be free of national politics."

The pandemic forced Lehel Ruzsa to close down his shop in Romania's Transylvania region. But after taking a big economic hit, the ethnic Hungarian cobbler is back at work now, making his unique, handmade leather shoes. He learned his shoemaking skills from master craftsmen.

In parts of Yakutia, many residents raise reindeer to make a living, relying, in part, on modest government subsidies to make ends meet. Their livelihood is part of a traditional way of life, but it's threatened with obsolescence as young people leave in search of better jobs.

Work is under way in Nur-Sultan to fill up a lake with soil and garbage.

Richard Ratcliffe plans to maintain a “constant vigil” by sleeping in a tent outside the U.K Foreign Office in an effort to pressure Prime Minister Boris Johnson to secure the release of his wife and other detained dual British-Iranian nationals.

One of our PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: A worker leaves a cold room storing the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 produced at a laboratory in the city of Olmaliq, Uzbekistan.


It's been 15 years since tenacious investigative reporter and prominent Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya was murdered in her apartment building -- on President Vladimir Putin's 54th birthday.

Today is the 7th anniversary of the downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014. Here's what happened:

A week-long "reduction in violence" between the Taliban and U.S. and Afghan security forces will begin at midnight local time.

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Police detained the head of the Russian Alliance of Doctors, Anastasia Vasilyeva, after she requested permission to examine Aleksei Navalny inside a prison. The Kremlin critic has been moved to a sick ward in the facility amid reports of a possible tuberculosis outbreak there.

Tens of thousands of Belarusians have jammed the streets of Minsk and other cities and towns, as opposition protesters continued their campaign to pressure President Alyaksandr Lukashenka to call new elections. Read more here:

On October 23, 1956, Hungary rose up against communist rule. It was the first armed revolution in the Eastern Bloc. The uprising was crushed and the return to democracy that had been fought for was delayed until its anniversary in 1989, when the Hungarian Republic was declared.

"Vladimir The Underpants Poisoner": Mocking Putin And Taking On His Jailers. This Is What Navalny Said In Court