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Robert Reich

Robert Reich

Berkeley prof, former Sec. of Lab. @InequalityMedia. Movies "Saving Capitalism" & "Inequality for All" on Netflix. Books: The Common Good, Saving Capitalism,etc

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@KamalaHarris  versus @VP  Mike Pence October 7, 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT. Mark your calendars.

Congratulations to @KamalaHarris , our next Vice President. She's tough. She knows what it means to stand up for working people. She'll fight for higher wages and health care for all. She'll take down the worst, most inept, most corrupt administration in history.

Can't wait for @KamalaHarris  to debate Spence. He won't know what happened to him.

Public release of data on hospitalizations from Covid-19 has slowed to a crawl, a month after Trump directed states to send the data to HHS instead of CDC. Another instance of suppression of truth about the virus in run-up to election.

As schools reopen without social distancing protocols and mask requirements in place, Betsy DeVos is holed up at her 22,000-square-foot estate on Lake Macatawa — with a public schedule that has been virtually empty for weeks.

The GOP including $0 for the USPS, $0 for our elections, and $21,300,000,000 for the Pentagon in a COVID relief bill is the real looting in America.

Increasing the cost of postage before an election that’s dependent on mail-in voting is a poll tax. Pass it on.


Your reminder that tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war.

RT if you want to see Congress pass legislation prohibiting the use of tear gas in the U.S.

So let me get this straight: Black Lives Matter protesters are tear gassed for protesting the murder of George Floyd, but MAGA protesters are left alone for bringing AR-15s inside state capitols?

I don't know who needs to hear this, but refusing to disclose the corporations receiving $500,000,000,000 in taxpayer-funded bailouts is just about as corrupt as it gets.

American taxpayers spend $107,575,000,000 more on police than public housing. Pass it on.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but including another $21,300,000,000 for the Pentagon in a bill that refuses to extend extra unemployment benefits for 25,000,000 people is the real looting in America.

Where is Congress? Where is the Supreme Court? Where are the mayors and governors? Living former presidents? Where are the university presidents, foundation heads, religious leaders, corporate leaders, union heads, editors and publishers? All must stand up to Trump’s madness.

More peaceful protestors and journalists have been jailed in the past week than all the bankers who were jailed for fraud during the financial collapse.

No industry -- not airlines, not hotels, not cruise ships -- should be bailed out. They can stay in business by borrowing at rock-bottom rates, using their assets as collateral. Taxpayer money should be used to bail out people, not corporations.