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Robert Reich

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By the way, the 3 House Democrats blocking drug pricing reform have raked in $1.6 million from Big Pharma. Sometimes it’s as simple as following the money.

The top 1% of Americans now own more wealth than the entire middle-class combined. This is what oligarchy looks like.

Congratulations to my colleague David Card on his Nobel prize. He and the late great Alan Krueger helped show that modest increases in the minimum wage don't cause job losses.

Good morning. Just want to remind you all that ending the expanded unemployment benefits didn't get people back to work. Do you know what would? Living wages, paid leave, child care, good health care, and the right to join a union.

Tens of thousands of workers across the US are fighting for higher wages and better conditions. Health care workers. Film & TV workers. Kellogg's workers. John Deere workers. Seattle carpenters. Alabama miners. This is a massive uprising of labor. Why won’t the media cover it?

Serious question: Why is Election Day not a national holiday?

Last weekend’s oil spill in California dumped 126K gallons of crude oil into the ocean. The company responsible has been cited for 125 violations. How about we stop framing the climate crisis around individual responsibility and start holding the oil & gas industry accountable?

Increasing the Pentagon budget after ending the longest war in U.S. history 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩


Your reminder that tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war.

RT if you want to see Congress pass legislation prohibiting the use of tear gas in the U.S.

Republicans who say we can't impeach a president 10 days before an inauguration had no trouble confirming a Supreme Court justice 8 days before an election.

If Redditors rallying GameStop is unacceptable market manipulation, what would you call it when greedy Wall Street bankers gambled away our entire economy in 2008 and faced no consequences?

I don't know who needs to hear this, but refusing to disclose the corporations receiving $500,000,000,000 in taxpayer-funded bailouts is just about as corrupt as it gets.

News flash: If you ban mask mandates, outlaw abortions, dictate what educators can teach in schools, and stop people from voting, you're not the party of "limited government."

So let me get this straight: Black Lives Matter protesters are tear gassed for protesting the murder of George Floyd, but MAGA protesters are left alone for bringing AR-15s inside state capitols?

Those now saying Twitter's ban violates free speech didn't object when the NFL fired Colin Kaepernick.

Call me old-fashioned but I don't think a president who incites a coup against the U.S. government deserves a $200,000 pension for the rest of his life, along with a million-dollar travel budget, all financed by U.S. taxpayers. Just sayin.

No industry -- not airlines, not hotels, not cruise ships -- should be bailed out. They can stay in business by borrowing at rock-bottom rates, using their assets as collateral. Taxpayer money should be used to bail out people, not corporations.