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The fallout from Silicon Valley Bank's collapse continues to be felt across industries. @MadisonMills22  explains how community solar projects are feeling the pinch

US inflation is still too high for the Fed's comfort at a time when banks are failing. This raises the question: will the Fed keep hiking interest rates at its next meeting? @krisaqnews  explains the shift in the market's thinking

Tired of attending useless meetings? Turns out, your boss is probably sick of them, too. Executives spend 25 hours a week in meetings and 46% of them could be done away with, according to a survey

The moderation in February’s inflation reading allayed market fears. So why are traders welcoming the prospect of a further tightening on March 22? Presented by @CMEGroup 

TerraCycle promises to make use of plastic garbage that almost no one else wants to touch. But does it actually get recycled? In this episode of Getting Warmer, @kalpenn  met the company's founder to learn more Presented by @GM 

Argentina’s annual inflation surpassed 100% last month. @Pat_Gillespie  explains how that's putting extra pressure on an economy expected to fall into recession ahead of presidential elections this year

With cheap power and loose regulation, Texas has become a magnet for Bitcoin miners. But can the state meet their explosive electricity demands? @kalpenn  traveled to the Permian Basin to join the hunt for sustainable crypto Presented by @GM 

The collapse of SVB is raising an uncomfortable question: is it safe to leave a lot of money in a single bank? @misyrlena  explains how to safely store your cash if you have more than $250,000

A home to call your own has long been a fixture of the American dream. Today, that dream may only be a reality for some. @PaulinaCachero  reports


K-pop diplomacy: @weareoneEXO  gifted Trump and his daughter Ivanka their signed albums before a dinner banquet in Seoul#EXO 

U.S. researchers began the first human trial of a #coronavirus  vaccine More via @business :

#ChristchurchMosqueAttack  : "I'm 66 and I never thought in my life I would live to see something like this, " says an eyewitness who helped an injured man call his wife on the phone during New Zealand's #ChristchurchShootings 

SOUND ON: This might be the only known recording of Frida Kahlo’s voice. Mexican officials believe the recording could have been made as she read an essay about her husband, Diego Rivera

WATCH: This Lebanese wedding photographer captured a bride and groom getting married just as a massive explosion rocked #Beirut . The couple were unharmed in the blast and took refuge in a house before continuing their ceremony

A fireman in Australia gives a thirsty koala water as #NSWRFS  official @robrfs  warns of "serious ecological impacts" from the #AustraliaFires  #NSWFires 

Young people are falling seriously ill from #COVID19 . New evidence from the U.S. and Europe suggests they aren’t as impervious to the #coronavirus  as originally thought. More @business : #CoronavirusOutbreak 

A young sperm whale was found dead with a stomach full of plastic in Cefalu, Italy. Here's the moment scientists @unimessina  opened it up