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Quoth the Raven

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Arizona Trump rally crowd chanting “Latinos love you” Didn’t anybody tell them Biden played “Despacito” on his cell phone last month

This Bobulinski interview. Holy smokes.

So a CNN contributor wrote the 2018 anonymous “resistance” op-ed Between this revelation and Bobulinski, Bezos should just wait to buy CNN out of bankruptcy

Just getting caught up on Millencollin albums I’ve missed the last year or two. “SOS” is a fucking ripper! Great album.


When we look back on it, this could be Ben Carson’s finest moment Wonderful and unexpected sentiment from him at an extremely important time

“Get over here ya little shit, we’re running for President

Cave rescuer on Musk: “It was a PR stunt. It had no chance of working.”

Congratulations. If you saved up enough to have a 6 month emergency fund for your household you are smarter than almost every single major Fortune 500 millionaire CEO. So why are they entitled to $0.98 of every bailout dollar while you get $0.02? A question you should ask.

Al Sharpton on MSNBC pays tribute to Aretha Franklin by spelling respect wrong “R-E-S-P-I-C-T”. Great stuff Al.

This is about as gangster as golf gets

The year is 2023 The coronavirus has wiped out humankind A lone server in the basement of the NY Fed building continues to bid the Dow Jones to new all time highs

"She put over 1500 people in prison for marijuana charges and then laughed about it when asked if she ever smoked marijuana” - Tulsi to Kamala #TulsiGabbard  #DemDebate