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Sam Bankman-Fried incinerated $32 billion in value and then lied about it numerous times. It's been 19 days since FTX declared bankruptcy and not only is SBF not in handcuffs, a room full of conference attendees in New York just applauded him.

SBF looks like he's lost 20 pounds the last couple weeks

SBF looks like he's lost 20 lbs the last few weeks And is losing a few more trying to keep up with his prepared talking points

"Were you truthful about today?" SBF: <shakes head no, says 'yes'>

Big shout and lots of love to my man @cbede 

Yesterday's Rally "Not What Powell Wanted", Terminal Rates Could Still Approach 7%

Novogratz a welcome breath of common sense air here on CNBC talking about SBF

Stocks at 25x earnings with rates at 4% are fine tho


When we look back on it, this could be Ben Carson’s finest moment Wonderful and unexpected sentiment from him at an extremely important time

Biden just beefed it on his bike in Delaware

Every day Sam Bankman-Fried is not arrested, the drumbeat of a massive, massive coverup gets louder. At some point, it’ll be too loud for the public to bear.

“Get over here ya little shit, we’re running for President

Cave rescuer on Musk: “It was a PR stunt. It had no chance of working.”

Al Sharpton on MSNBC pays tribute to Aretha Franklin by spelling respect wrong “R-E-S-P-I-C-T”. Great stuff Al.

Congratulations. If you saved up enough to have a 6 month emergency fund for your household you are smarter than almost every single major Fortune 500 millionaire CEO. So why are they entitled to $0.98 of every bailout dollar while you get $0.02? A question you should ask.