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“If you have a contaminated gas station, we clean it up for the health of the community... “But if you have the same contamination inside the school building, we act like it’s exempt from our standards of toxic exposure and cleanup." w/ @seattletimes 

Since 2005, Gov. Rick Perry and then Gov. Greg Abbott, have persuaded the Texas Legislature to spend billions of dollars on border security measures, including at least nine operations and several smaller initiatives. w @TexasTribune  @MarshallProj 

The new rules bar officers from stopping drivers based on suspected nationality or immigration status & from asking drivers about immigration status unless it relates to criminal investigation.

Regulators install air monitors to flag hazardous emissions, then pull their punches in taking action against the offenders. Meanwhile, the monitors serve as a false promise to residents that the findings will be used to keep them safe.

“It’s hypocrisy to say that we are pro-life on one end, that we want to protect the baby, but yet you don’t want to pass this kind of legislation that will protect that mom," said Cassandra Welchlin, executive director of the MS Black Women’s Roundtable.

In this remote industrial city of 2,500, where manufacturing has long been king, regulators have had proof for at least three decades that residents are breathing dangerous amounts of air pollution.

The United States’ inability to curb a treatable sexually transmitted disease shows the failures of a cash-strapped public health system. Increasingly, newborns are paying the price.

The anti-abortion movement has claimed that women who have abortions are likely to suffer psychologically as a result. "The opposite is true," says Prager. "The majority of women who have abortions express relief as opposed to regret."

Jacqueline Tessmer spoke out about students who left school without jobs or degrees, saying Baker “ruined” lives. And she’s not retracting her statements.

“These are not people that defrauded the government,” said @RepTroyCarter . “These are people that used the money to repair their homes. And they should not be put in a position where now those homes are being threatened.” w/ @NOLAnews  @WWLTV 


1/ We got our hands on screenshots from a secret FB group for current and former Border Patrol agents. They joke about migrant deaths, including the death of a teen in their care, and post racist, sexist memes. Here's what we found. ???

1/ So @seanspicer  just called us a “left-wing blog.” Since we’re actually in the biz of facts, we figured we’d respond w/ a few...

The invasion of the U.S. Capitol was discussed for weeks in plain sight. We reviewed scores of social media posts — many of them public — welcoming violence leading up to Wednesday’s attack. See for yourself ?

Btw, this is the story that caused trolls to attack our emails. It's a good story. You should share it.

The company that took U.S. money to develop a cheap ventilator, then did not deliver a single one to the national stockpile, has just inked ANOTHER contract with the government. This time, it is selling ventilators for quadruple the price.

Trump's voter fraud commission members are using private emails to conduct govt. work. It violates federal law.

NEW: Trump trust's been quietly revised to say he can take his biz's profits anytime, & he doesn't have to tell us.

1/ This tweet -from the official White House account- is false. 1)It is not a slush fund. 2)The fund was not created by the Paris Agreement.