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The valuation of Tribune Publishing and its nine metro newspapers, in play for takeover, continues to be an issue with fresh evidence this week that the company is doing reasonably well financially.

“I had a purpose to infuse part of me and my perspective into the storytelling — against everything that I had been taught.”

“Expression by speakers across the ideological spectrum is facing actual or threatened suppression by not only government officials, but also other powerful societal forces, from tech giants to social media mobs.”

Yesterday, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed new voting legislation into law — a law that restricts voting by mail and at drop boxes. Plenty of media showed up, but only one news outlet was permitted in the room: Fox News.

“We could be in a much better position if it were not for people like Tucker Carlson who continue to embolden this vaccine hesitance. It’s really very irritating,” CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta said.

By the end of May, Pfizer hopes to apply for full approval — not just Emergency Use Approval. If all goes well, it may ask for approval to distribute the vaccine to infants.

If you left your media job (voluntarily or involuntarily) during the pandemic, please share your story with us.

Ownership (and profit) in Canadian news media has historically been concentrated in the hands of the few. Press Forward aims to change that.

Under rules set by Facebook, the speech of an elected official or someone seeking office is not eligible to be fact-checked. But if Trump is allowed back on, his posts could be fact-checked.


Mail ballots usually take longer to count. This could lead to delays in declaring a winner in battleground states in the presidential race, possibly making “election night” more like “election week.”

Best practices for covering mass shootings:

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In granting a posthumous citation to Ida B. Wells, the Pulitzer Prizes honors one of America’s earliest and most intrepid investigative reporters.

The AP Stylebook says the percentage sign is now acceptable when paired with a numeral in most cases.

Today's an unwelcome reminder that journalism is difficult and dangerous work

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Two knowledgeable sources, talking on background, confirmed that @USATODAY  will phase out its print edition after an impending merger between @Gannett  and @GateHouse_Media 

The #Pulitzer  for explanatory reporting was awarded to David Barstow, Susanne Craig and Russ Buettner of for an investigation of President Trump’s finances that exposed the president’s persistent tax dodging

Reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System are not verified before they're entered into the database. That makes VAERS fertile ground for vaccine misinformation.

The list of media workers who have died from COVID-19 includes newspaper owners, cameramen, broadcast pioneers, writers, retirees, young parents. Many of them got sick while informing their communities about the pandemic.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: "If newsroom managers wanted diverse newsrooms, they’d have diverse newsrooms."

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