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Discontent is mounting for D.C.'s transit system, and no wonder. But things look even bleaker down the tracks, the Editorial Board writes:

Book review: Printing fake news, this editor helped push America into World War I

When we are “protected” from challenges to what we think we know, our intellects stagnate in the bubble of agreed beliefs and assumed facts, Thomas J. Balch writes in a guest opinion

"Educating teens on the dangers of drugs will not stop young people from doing them, but teaching teens how to do them safely will save lives." #PostLetters 

The Democratic Party has learned the wrong lessons from Trump’s narrow victory in 2016, @FareedZakaria  writes

With Ford's breakthrough, U.S. researchers and manufacturers will need to get cracking to create a robust battery industry, David Von Drehle writes

It’s quiet in Virginia politics right now, @norm_leahy  writes. "But the current mood masks what’s simmering just below the surface on the state budget, the redistricting lawsuit and the midterm congressional elections."

As the demographics continue to change, things will only get worse, Brian Broome writes. "White conservatives want to protect something that is anathema to the American Dream. Their numbers. Their dominance. Their power. Their dream."

From the founders of SoulCycle, a new (flawed) kind of church, @ChristineEmba  writes


"I'd vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I'd vote for Donald Trump again." The latest ad from Republican Voters Against Trump just might work, @paulwaldman1  writes:

#EndSars shows that Muhammadu Buhari is the biggest threat to Nigeria’s democracy, @KarenAttiah  writes

“I don’t expect anybody to give two s--ts about my opinions,” D.C. police officer Michael Fanone told CNN. “But I will say this: Those are lies. And peddling that bulls--t is an assault on every officer that fought to defend the Capitol.”

Three years ago, began investigating a story that had weighed on her since high school: Fellow student Amber Wyatt reported that she was raped in a storage shed off a dirt road in their Texas hometown.

While Trump’s mind roils in rage, too many Americans are losing their lives. That’s the losing that matters, to everyone but him, @gtconway3d  writes

"The silence of Republicans today in the face of presidential behavior that is unacceptable by any reasonable standard is both striking and deeply disappointing," former defense secretary William S. Cohen writes

Nothing more momentous happened in 2019 than Hong Kong’s heroic insurrection, writes @GeorgeWill