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Ever heard that an octopus can squeeze through any hole that its beak can fit through? Here is all the proof you need. via

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EncroChat breach may not greatly affect Irish gangland criminals, say gardaí

Michael Collins’ grandniece welcomes decision to leave portrait in Taoiseach’s office

Nora Owen says having Collins and De Valera together is appropriate symbol of new deal

Prisoners of History: What can we learn from statues to heroes and monsters?

Processed view of Comet NEOWISE from the Parker Solar Probe. You can really see the comet's separate tails--one made of dust, one made of ionized gas.

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⛏️ Excavating 👀 Analysing 🔬 Conserving For the #FestivalOfArchaeology , we're digging into how our archaeologists understand and protect evidence from the past. Head to our website to find out more 👉

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While some portions of the trails are closed, hikers can take the opportunity to explore shorter sections responsibly

Why can’t we predict when a volcano will erupt?