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On this World #PressFreedom  Day, let us #PrayTogether  for the journalists who pay in person, with their lives or imprisonment, to serve this right. Special thanks to those who courageously inform us of the wounds of humanity.

We should not fear the crises of life and faith. Crises help us recognize that we need God and thus allow us to return to the Lord, to experience his love anew.

Every day of May, let us #PrayTogether  the Rosary for peace. My thought goes to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol', "Mary's City", barbarically bombed and destroyed. I renew the request that secure humanitarian corridors might be arranged for the people trapped in that city.

I beg you, let us not surrender to the logic of violence, to the perverse spiral of weapons. May the path of dialogue and peace be taken! #PrayTogether 

Let us often turn to Mary, Mother of believers! The various forms of Marian devotion, and especially the recitation of the #HolyRosary , will help us live our journey of faith and Christian witness. #PrayTogether 

Old people lose some sight, but their inner gaze becomes more penetrating. They become capable of seeing things that previously escaped them. The Lord does not give his talents only to the young and the strong. He has talents for everyone, made to fit each person. #BlessingOfTime 

#Holiness does not consist of a few heroic deeds, but of loving a lot every day.

Let us allow Jesus the Living Bread to heal us of our self-absorption. May he open our hearts to sharing, heal us from rigidity and turning in on ourselves, and inspire us to follow him wherever he wants to lead us.


Contemplating the Baby Jesus, with His humble and infinite love, let us say to Him, very simply: “Thank you for doing all this for me!”

With an aching heart I add my voice to that of the common people, who implore the end of the war. In the name of God, listen to the cry of those who suffer, and put an end to the bombings and the attacks! #LetsPrayTogether  #Ukraine  #Peace 

I invite you not to build walls but bridges, to conquer evil with good, offence with forgiveness, to live in peace with everyone.

This is the first #Easter  message that I would offer you: it is always possible to begin anew, because there is a new life that God can awaken in us in spite of all our failures. From the rubble of our hearts, God can create a work of art.

Let us carry Mother Teresa’s smile in our hearts and give it to those whom we meet along our journey.

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I pray for all the victims of the attacks of these days. May the blind violence of terrorism no longer find room to exist in this world!

In Mary we see that humility is not a virtue of the weak but of the strong who don’t have to treat others badly to feel important.

The violent aggression against #Ukraine  does not stop, a senseless massacre where every day there is a repetition of slaughter and atrocities. There is no justification for this! I plead with the international community to truly commit to ending this abhorrent war. #Peace 

Everyone's existence is tied to that of others: life is not time merely passing by, life is about interactions.